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  1. thanks for the welcome and kind words tnss & beach hunter.
  2. wow tnss just finished up reading thru the link you posted. wow had me really scratching my head. you guys are a wealth of knowledge and info! i feel that article clearly sums up what andy presented "it really does depend" on the ground and conditions and the only way to find out what works best is to try it as many ways as possible and see what works best. thanks for all the helpful info.
  3. i have been trying to educate myself on the best way to ground balance, for the hot ground i detect in and this info was exactly the type info i am looking for and need. it will be a great help for me to apply the info you provided. thank you Andy. the people & this forum is just wicked good!
  4. thank you gb. i reside in maine. usa. and yes there where moments the children did test my patience and had me worried they would damage the equipment or get hurt accidentally on the sharp tool .... but i told myself they are children and as you mentioned we all have those childhood memories of those interactions that were special to us as children. i am like you probably in the middle but that day it just seemed like the right thing to do. as a mantique i feel the desire to give back when ever i can to whom ever i can. reflecting back on that day i dont think i would of felt the same pride i had driving home knowing i did a good civic thing that day if all i did was a training session, so thanks again for the recognition about that. i am no tech geek and weak in the wiga jiga department so i will see if i can get to work on completing my profile info if i can figure out where to do that. regards.
  5. than you for the response phrunt. i know you are an active member and have offered up a lot of good stuff, having read many of your posts. i will give different browser a try thank you.
  6. A heart felt hello to Steve and all the members who make up this site & forums. I have a great respect and appreciation for the outstanding class I have seen demonstrated and found here. Detector Prospector sets the standard in my book. Top notch class without a doubt. I have been lurking here since just before the time all the equinox rumors and hype got started. I still am and was a noob at that time with the first detector i ever owned, gold bug pro. As I was trying to figure out detector prospecting with my new gadget something just seemed off with the gold bug pro. So i checked into a service claim only to find out i was in possession of a counterfeit unit. No service or help needless to say. Thank goodness i had buyer protection and was able to get my money back, because the seller was not cooperating with me.Learn from my misfortune and only buy from authorized dealers instead of looking for a "steal of a deal." By that time the nox was in the hands of you guys and i was excited learning from you all that this was the machine that could both fit my budget and needs. So purchased the 800 i did. I was only able to start to scratch the surface of the capabilities of this machine during my first season with the 800 last year. I seriously want to develop my nugget hunting skills this season. I detect in very hot ground lots of magnetite & hematite , nothing like grabbing the bull by the horns to get acquainted. Therefore as part of my first post /question to you all, is i would like to know if there are restrictions on printing from the forums here? I looked around best i could to try and figure this out but am unable to find this answer. When i try to print something I can only get the first page and all the rest are blank? I detect in a remote / no signal or web area. It would really be helpful if i could print out the very helpful settings/ tips / techniques found here and then be able to apply them in the field under real life conditions to help with the learning curve. In closing I would like to add that i really enjoy this activity and wish i had started detecting long ago. On one of my local park training sessions I unexpectedly spent 3-4 hours entertaining grandmothers, mothers & fathers & children instead of seriously training. Had a 5 & 8 yr olds pestering me using pin pointer to help recover targets and were very happy to keep the coins found. Me sweating bullets while they were all jumping around the detector worrying they would crunch it. Not to mention in the blink of an eye picking up my digging knife. I stayed cool enjoyed them and also the 10 & 12 yr olds that followed next and numerous question from all. I am sure you know what they asked. what did you find? what are you looking for? what are you doing? on & on. I was a bit disappointed that i was unable to get in the training i wanted as i drove home and then it dawned on me. It was more than just about me. Doing this activity i enjoy also allowed me to do my civic duty to others. I felt proud to know that I was able to both provide and share a good time with numerous strangers. Something so missing in our divided and hate filled society of today. Perhaps if more people became detectors the world would be a better place. Respect to all James.
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