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  1. Hi People when you see other detectorists, how much distance should one give each other? and 2nd question is, i have the minelab 15 pinpointer but it really struggles unless its all most on the target, it was a free pinpointer that came with the 600. Do i buy the minelab 35 or another brand? thanks
  2. Cheers end up getting the CX 6.00BT. Retail for $175. Pawn shop had them for $90, I offered $60. She said deal. So that's all the gear I need now. Spent a bit in the last few weeks. Detector, pinpointer, sand scoop, Garrett edge digger, mini shovel, headphones, fiberglass pole for scoop. But I did find 10 cents yesterday
  3. Looking at these half price damaged box. Would these do. Thanks
  4. Thanks Mate. For your effort and time much appreciated
  5. Iam getting a bit lost now with the hifi jagen. So are these ok? Cheers
  6. Hi looking at buying some Bluetooth ear buds, I hate the large cans. I have read the 600 still has Bluetooth. And to get good lag earphones. Iwas reading about Aptx. Am I going down the right track. Thanks
  7. Cheers guys I went with the 600
  8. Hi guys, went out with a work mate and his ctx 3030 a few times on the beach. Was fun so decied to buy a detector, the 3030 is out of my range, so decided on the Minelab equinox 800 and a pinpointer. But now I have read a few things here, should I just get the 600 and pocket the $300? There are no gold areas where I live. Will be beach and parks only. I do like the Bluetooth tooth headphones. But the sales guy was good but , talking tones frequencies etc lost me. Hope to buy today thanks
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