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  1. I think you’re correct Steve; the semiconductor shortage due to Covid disruption, spike in demand from manufacturers starting back up, in addition to the explosion in crypto mining has made it really difficult to even get basic GPU (I’m still trying to get a 3080). While it’d be easy to hate on a big company that has a near monopoly on high end detectors, and they aren’t doing themselves any favors with the lack of transparency, I have to cut them some slack. But, that being said…. I’m going bonkers as I’m flooded out of doing any kind of dredging due to continued spring runoff, and that damn detector can’t get here fast enough.
  2. I’ve been on the waiting list with my local dealer for months now too, but like everything else I’ve been trying to get done it’s delayed. Oh well, just need to let it roll off the back because me stressing about it isn’t going to make it get here faster. But, I did get to hold one when Steve made a stop in town to talk about it and metal detecting in general. Aside from it being light, I was struck by how perfectly balanced it is with the 11 inch coil, and how compact it really gets. The 6000 is going to be perfect for the mountains and canyons I hike into.
  3. A lot of this could be tied to the chip shortage. I build PCs as an extension of a gaming hobby and it’s been near impossible since September to get a graphics card. It’s gotten so bad that I’m considering buying a whole prebuilt computer just to get the upgrade I need. Of course a chip shortage probably isn’t the only factor, but it sure as hell probably isn’t helping matters.
  4. This may have been answered already, but does the 6000 work with any Bluetooth headset? Let’s say I have a Bose or Sony noise canceling headphones, or even AirPods, would those work with this machine? I rigged up my GM24K with a Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk headphones/transmitter and it worked pretty well, just a bit kludgy. I’d prefer not to have to install a transmitter, or use specialized headphones if I don’t have to.
  5. Ok, you started me on a bit of a rabbit hole. I’ve been reading about some of these early gold rushes in the Carolinas, Georgia etc and there are some of the stupidly big nuggets found then and since then, 17lbs, 23 lbs. Wow. I shouldn’t be shocked, these are mountains that though a lot older than the west coast originally had probably had some similarity it formation, metamorphism etc. I used to live in Georgia and was all over this area for trout fishing , wasn’t into prospecting yet. I could have been walking over gold.
  6. Awesome finds! I didn’t know there were nuggets this big on the East Coast. Were you finding more with the 4500 or the monster?
  7. I really like the 24K/Sport, extremely easy to use, and great at picking up deeper small targets. Some of the areas I detect have a lot of iron trash and the discrimination is great.
  8. I’ve liked everything I’ve seen for the 6000, light weight, powerful, easy to use, water resistant. My main concern is the option for coils, I’m patch hunting with the potential for deep, big nuggets and have a bigger coil would be great. Not that not having it would stop me from purchasing, since this detector checks like 80% of my boxes, it’d just be nice to have.
  9. This is totally off the cuff, but just from the design aspect the center indicator is incredibly large for such a small screen to just show normal/difficult terrain. My guess is that it does something and that those tiers will show approximately how deep the signal is, deep will be in the bottom, shallow at the top. This could be the geosense.
  10. This is all speculation, but it seems like in the LCD display has bars representing a relative depth of the target? So I wonder if it’ll show where the target is in that bar range. Like, bottom bar, deep, top bar close. So perhaps the depth display coupled with tone/loudness of the target would give the user an idea on if it’s trash. A deep screamer might be the biggest nugget ever, vs a buried Volkswagen to pass up. Also, it reminds me of the design on Whites GMX Sport, and gold monster in the simplistic design. It really seems to be the over all goal, a GPX 5000 with the simplicity of a newer VLF. I’m relative novice so many grains is salt, just my impressions. Being a novice though w/o a pulse induction or any sunken cost into other coils for a similar platform this detector is very interesting to me. At the end of the day, does it find gold, and does it mean I’m spending more time with the coil over the ground vs messing with settings.
  11. Being in the USA market I’m ok with easy to use and learn, tiny, and turn on and go machine 😀. My question is how water resistant it is, where I detect I have the potential for deep large nuggets, but it rains and I’ll be going through all grass and brush that could be water logged. The last thing I want to do is buy a top end detector and have it fried due to a downpour.
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