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  1. Business is only interested in profits , and that's exactly why we will not see soon a really good detector on the market . So far we see a snail crawling -improving parameters , and cheetah jumps - in terms of advertising and customer brainwashing .Good ideas will wait a long time to be marketed…
  2. The black stone is pure magnetite. The purpose of this prototype is discrimination that can indicates very deep targets such as for digging . So far all very deep targets were missed , as well as non-magnetic targets are indicated by discrimination like magnetic (iron ) . The prototype was tested on sand of pure magnetite and can be used to search for golden nuggets , while at the same time rejects the shallow iron objects . In tests on different soils shows very low soil noises , and almost complete absence of false signals . There is a video with the same prototype in youtube , from October 2018 .
  3. Hello from Bulgaria ! Here the grass is already higher than the shovels…That's why we're in the forums.
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