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  1. I like detectors that take only 1-2 batteries. 8 is too many.
  2. I just bought a Tesoro 5.75 concentric for it off amazon for $65. Everyone on Ebay wanted over $100 for that coil.
  3. I've owned 7 Tesoro's and never had any problems. Will probably outlast me.
  4. It has the 8x9 which I've had before. I'm thinking of getting a 7" Mars Lion coil for it. I got one for my Fisher F22 and it air tested dimes and pennies at 10" which is pretty good for a small coil. I hunt a lot of tot lots and I can get around the equipment better with a smaller coil.
  5. Don't know if it's a high tone or low and I kind of hope it's a high tone but can't complain because of price.
  6. Winning bid of $200! That's got to be a deal! I paid like $448 the first time I had one.
  7. I used a Mojave on the beach in NC back in March and found a silver dime. Went onto the wet sand and it wasn't that chatty though I had switched the GB to high. I went back to same beach in July and could not do anything with it on wet sand. Don't know why the change. Only difference was warmer temps and a lot more people.
  8. I don't think Simplex is multi frequency so I don't know how it will do on a beach.
  9. Welcome! Now go to the Tesoro factory located there and ask the owner what the heck is going on?
  10. Hello. I first detected back in early 80's with a Compass Relic Magnum 7. Got out of it and started back last year with a Tesoro Mojave. Currently using 3 Tesoro's, F22 and At Pro. I mainly playground hunt but will do relic hunts occasionally. Have a Youtube channel with same name.
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