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  1. Please don't delete me, yes I know I am dead but I still help my grandson from time to time with the 800 I left him.
  2. This is a pin my grandfather (2Vlaen ) has in his collection and yours should clean up nicely.
  3. Great find, replace the clasp and it will be good as new. Good luck on your next hunt.
  4. Very nice finds and hope you get over the farts. Good luck on your next hunt.
  5. I really don't know if they are left in the sun they will not last as long, but some of the docks around here have been in the water for at least 10 years. I know the black ones are better than the blue ones.
  6. Glad to know that as I have seen others not care about who actually owned anything. Some of my neighbors are sitting in jail right now because they just can't resist something they like. Glad that you found out more about the dredge as I thought it was something custom. The floats are used on many of the boat docks around here and they are pretty tough. Those power jets are also custom made and if I can find the old supplier I had from a Florida job I had done I will send it to you. I believe those were made in Texas, but I can't remember just where. When we were looking for a sunken ship in the Glades we had used power jets like those and that is why I think those are from that area. As I remember they are heavier than standard jets and take a lot of muscle to move them around. I was using one to clear an area around some cannons so we could get them out of the water.
  7. Very nice item that you have and the workmanship is very good. The Turquoise is a very good piece, it shows all the correct attributes of a high quality stone with the cracks and other minerals that it should. The bracelet looks to be from about 60 years to 75 years old. It is in great condition and will gain value over time if taken care of properly. Great find.
  8. I would ask the owners of the claim about the dredge before doing to much to it, just in case they report it stolen. I hope you get to keep it and make it work again. Good Luck
  9. Looks more like a custom built unit but I could be wrong. From what I am seeing it should be ready in short order as not to much is missing of it. What type of camp is that in, and is it abandoned? Good luck on your find.
  10. At least you found a ring, and you had a good time. Good luck on your next time and things turn golden for you.
  11. Fantastic hunt, hope you recover soon from all that hard work. Do you wade in the water or use tanks. How deep of water are you in when you have found the good stuff? Good luck on your next hunt.
  12. Some formats do have higher audio than the video, and that is what I am referring to. Most audio in the standard MP format does require more memory than typical video. The compression rate for video on a cell phone for example is much lower than the audio compression because it is in stereo MP format. I have been doing audio for 50 years and have seen this since about 1995. Prior to that date video would eat the memory like candy and ask for more, because of the compressed bandwidth. It is not the same as it used to be. When I add audio to a new video that I put together the video is always lower even in a high quality mode of production. Processing the video takes quit a bit of memory, but when storing the video when it is complete uses far less. It depends on what type of video and audio that you are using and what type of equipment you are also using.
  13. Congrats on the find, I know that I would have missed it with my eyes. Good luck on your next outing.
  14. I tip my hat to you on this as I believe you have it right. I knew that I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't remember from where.
  15. Great ring, is the writing the same all the way around it? I am having a hard time trying to make out the writing, but it reminds me of something I have seen in some ruins in Scotland.
  16. People like you make this world a better place, thank you for keeping people safe.
  17. Glad you got the gold and gave of some nice pictures of your hard work. Happy hunting and good luck on your next hunt.
  18. Welcome to the forum and glad to have your knowledge. I am sure that everyone is waiting some of the finds from your part of the country that is rich in history.
  19. I think I need a couple of them for my wife, so I can go detecting.
  20. Great hunt and please keep us up to date on your next hunt. Good luck on your next hunt out.
  21. When processing audio the audio takes up so much memory that you would not have enough storage room to handle that much information. When you use a phone to video anything the thing that uses the most memory is the audio not the video. The ratio is close to 10 to 1 when talking audio versus video. That is probably the main reason it is not done, there would not be enough room for the detector to store all the information.
  22. 35 years ago I detected several old farms that had several sites for an outhouse and had found lots of very good finds. I think that the best find was a $5.00 gold piece that someone had lost. So if I find an outhouse I don't mind checking the area for an extended period of time. The coins are a little bit deeper, but worth it. GB it reminds me of the old book called "The 50 yard Dash to the Outhouse" written by Willy Makeit, and co authored by Betty Don't.
  23. Just what do you have against my NOX?
  24. Only if your wife is missing her table ware and she suspects you had something to do with it. I can see where a restaurant could use it but have to ask, how deep will it pick up quarters and half dollars?
  25. I fully agree with you Joe and more of us need to step up and let these type know that they are causing for the rest of us. Then if he gets smart with me I will just turn over the video to our local police and file a complaint myself since I am a tax payer.
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