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  1. I'm curious about a tdi beach to see if it has more depth than a cz? if discrimination is so effective?
  2. In my experience in the water, I rarely exceed 3 meters deep, to hunt since things are not usually beyond 10 meters from the shore, the Mediterranean is shallow. Regarding garbage collection, I learned to discriminate with the ear! All sounds are different gold, silver, lead, nickel, aluminum, iron. also gold with iron sounds different, gold with lead and yes. the truth, the few times I have used an impulse I have gone crazy, I have only used cz, excalibur, sand shark, and garret be hunter, I leaned by cz to see that it was easier to detect their sounds and did not exclude the mixed gold with other metals, being that excalibur eliminated them completely. I am very observant of the seabed and I understood how the tides move, with this focus on the accumulation points that usually never change and things come out again and again.
  3. We are about 15 search engines in the area, about 10 on the shore and 5 in the water and we all had good results, of course more than others!
  4. Steve, I think we can have the best detector in the world, but if we don't know the "where and when to use it" it is worthless "I think something I understand about the behavior of the sea, I have a notebook where I keep notes on the seabed and With this I detect any change, be it a small rock, I've seen mountains of sand move in just one night
  5. search lesson Last week a storm enters that destroyed the coasts, heights of waves never seen, as soon as I calm down prepare my equipment and enter the water, my old and faithful cz with me, I reached the point where by density the metals come together and began their spectacle , 53 rings, 4 chains with medals and 3 bracelets, plus a pair of earrings, total 483 gr in 8 hours of diving at 2.4 meters deep, after putting everything together and taking the photos of rigor, I understood the message "enjoy what you have and what will come" I have already passed the 4 kilos in 3 years detection, made me question if really wanted to change it? Nostalgia takes hold of me and I think of all that he has given me and I have only changed my helmets a couple of times !!! It is like part of my family, I treat it like a Japanese Catalan, I use it clean and I keep it, it goes without saying that it is worth its weight in gold
  6. In short, I have more doubts, it was a joy knowing that there were hopes, but I see no! I feel the AQ farther away, fisher doesn't listen to his clients, Alexandre and Denis's position has been very good, fisher leaves a lot to be desired
  7. Regards Rick, I hope better soon !!!! I heard unofficially that Fisher informed the distributors of Europe that in May it will be on sale !!!
  8. If someone from Fisher wants to send me a detector and I'm going to try Tenerife! I make video to see how it works in black sand
  9. Steve I find you absolutely right! The other big question is when will it go on sale?
  10. In my humble opinion and about 1500 hours of diving, with more than 100 pieces of gold or a few kilos carrying 90% CZ I can say that I do not care about small parts since it is the same job as taking out a large one, where the priority is to optimize the air duct, it will always be better to go fat, now surfing with constant waves and standing scoop always lift rings and coins without problems. now I need a detector of greater depth, since I know the places where the sea accumulates the metals
  11. Steve, I understand you perfectly, I don't have the experience that you have, but something is to look for underwater!
  12. New Pack Fisher = AQ + retroexcavadora caterpillar 😎
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