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  1. cuál es mejor para el agua salada? "which one is better for salt water?"
  2. 🙄 😀 😀Thank you very much for the comments, if we keep the illusion alive, anyway I will write a letter to Papa Noe, to bring it to me as a gift
  3. Steve, I find you absolutely right, even more for those of us on the other side of the world! The issue of customs in the US is very complicated and sending a detector is a problem and time !!! Minimum 2 months, I prefer to continue with my old CZ, until the AQ comes out !!! I think I'll buy vanquish too !!! all my free time I take to detect! diving and detector !!!! excellent combination within a week I will be in Ibiza, the previous year I had excellent results !!!!
  4. I think it's more than just around the corner, they don't advertise or give news, I think that in this minelab has a lot of advantage, this world of detectors is a very small sector at PRO level! It will be that we are very demanding about the detectors! The perfect detector will never exist, everyone looks at it from a different point of view, I think I'm in the minority, that only diving with them, therefore the depth and discrimination are fundamental, because the search time is limited! !!
  5. The uncertainty is overwhelming when you expect something with great desire, I think I'll buy a simplex to see how it goes? I imagine it will be like the equinox !!!! My wife will kill me, I have more detectors than shoes !!!
  6. sorry but I do not speak English, I meant that equinox 800 is not good enough in salt water like cz21, I always look under submerged water, in diving or apnea mode, I have tried almost all submersible detectors and my personal opinion is that by At the moment there is no better submersible detector than the CZ21, my dive computer records more than 3000 hours of immersion and always with detectors, I usually know the accumulations where all kinds of metals are mixed and in 95% I distinguish the sound of gold. It is for this reason that I will test the vanquish that the AQ and I believe that both will be competition as the excalibur line and CZ and if we will continúe........
  7. puede ser que pruebe el nuevo de minelab, ya que equinox no funciono nunca, siempre hablando del agua salada, ya saben y seguro sera la compretencia de AQ, no se que opinan ustedes, pero aqui algo raro pasa!
  8. i understand that it will be waterproof up to 3 meters, with equinox if it were less I think it would not be worth my way of searching, I think I understand that between 1 and 3 meters there is not much pressure variation ??? If anyone can clarify this! what a mystery with fisher never publish anything !!!
  9. The truth is that I am only 3 hours from Tenerife, as soon as the AQ arrives in Europe I will visit the island, the people are very friendly and the weather is very favorable, I promise to do and upload a video
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