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  1. Many thanks Phrunt for this info, as I was informed that the factory closed but still a lot of members have the Tesoro and if I could not get a newish one would settle for a second hand one off fleabay or some other detecting website. Thanks again for the link.
  2. Hi All, I am looking to get a Tesoro very soon as I had one years ago (Laser Scout - UK version) but I'm torn between a Tesoro Cibola and Vanquero. Also are these machines good on dry beaches also how about wet sand? Is the C better than the V and if anyone can help? I'm hoping some members here may have some information as to help me on this subject.
  3. Being a new member I am enjoying reading a lot more about metal detecting and other interesting new and comments from other members here. Just getting back into Metal detecting after being away from it for some years.
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