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  1. Keypad stickers. We will shortly have available on our website at www.detecting-innovations.co.uk Keypad stickers for the Equinox in several other languages such as French, German, Polish, Czech, Spanish and Italian to start, maybe more later.
  2. I sent you a reply today, Im just waiting to hear from you to see what colour stem you want put in the post.
  3. We do a long 29" lower stem also Steve that we call the Tall boy. Its on our website at www.detecting-innovations.co.uk We sell that basically as the spare lower stem, if its too long for people they can always cut a bit off.
  4. Thanks for the welcome beachHunter. Meet my detecting mate Ziggy the Sprockerpoo below. Currently trying to teach him to find Silver in the ground, lol. Well they teach spaniels to find all sorts at Airports etc dont they. Lol
  5. Thanks very much Steve. Yes we are very lucky to have the History we have in Europe and a system here in the UK where if you find something old and valuable and hand it in the system either returns it to you once recorded or buys it off you with a reward decided by a valuation commitee. That valuation can be challenged to a point if you dont agree with it.
  6. until

    Will be there myself for the long weekend manning a trade tent this year showing off my new Tele-Knox Telescopic shaft kits for the Equinox. we will also be showing the new Aqua - Knox the waterproof headphone Adapter kit for the equinox. This is an amazing rally to attend, I have been for the last two years and its very well organised and situated in a beautiful part of the English countryside. 1000 acres of Farmland to walk over. Pictures below of last years detectival rally trade stand and history re-enactment area.
  7. Hi, Tony Hunt here from the lovely History rich county of Dorset in Southern UK. My passion for Metal Detecting started some 25+ years ago, pretty much 99% using all the different Minelab machines that were suitable for Coin & Relic Hunting. I own an XP Deus but never really took to it other than to use it in fluffy cultivated soils occasionally where my Minelabs aren't so happy. I currently run two Equinox 800s, Standard coil on one and the 15" on the other. Some of you in the states may know me from mentions in Andy Sabisch's user manuals over the years, Explorer, Etrac, CTX and now Equinox. I have been involved along with my son Paul in finding three Caches / hoardes of coins of note plus quite a few coin spills and purse drops. My latest cache found just over a year ago with the Equinox was a clay pot that was intact and filled with over 1850 Roman Bronze coins from around the year 275AD. This find is now with the british Museum awaiting valuation and probably eventual sale to our local Salisbury Museum, the city where I found it nearby. I have recently started a company called Detecting-Innovations. We manufacture and supply the Tele- Knox , the only Telescopic Carbon Fibre stem available at present to fit the Equinox.
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