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  1. Hi Mike I have heard many great things about the Panning Championships and I would like to go so maybe next year :-) Detecting here is really unclear as it seems everyone does it, they do it without permission from anyone and they just avoid protected sites. As I understand it you are allowed to use a metal detector but anything you find belongs to the state and you could be rewarded 10% of the value. I have been on a few hunts with archeologists and everything was handed in. The Slovak Republic has recently changed the laws and it is now forbidden to use a metal detector there. Regarding
  2. Cheers. These tutorials are very informative and easy to follow. Are you interested to try a program we use over here in Europe? I use a program called 4x4 and I only change the iron bias and recovery speed for the ground conditions.
  3. Here are some really great tutorials for the Equinox. They are easy to understand and very well done. Have a look at the Iron Bias and Recovery speed videos as that may help you a bit in the iron infested areas.
  4. Thanks for doing the repair to the hole. I understand any frustration with regards to that and trust me it was tough even evaluating the correct size as if we got it too big then they would have been 100% useless, too small was the better bet until enough feedback was available because as I mentioned mine was not OK and my mates was OK even with the exact same shaft. Just let Tony know you need the lock nuts and the black part for the handle and he will know what to send. If you don't want to wait for the nuts they are an M3. Thanks for your feedback and I am sorry that you have had these issu
  5. Not all of the sets from the batch were too small and not all who bought them had problems. We are not sure as to why but we made the standard size of the hole bigger. The one that I use the hole was too small for my arm cup but fit my mates arm cup well, but his arm cup was used on the original shaft for a long time and mine was brand new so it maybe related to wear on the arm cup.
  6. Go to the Website Detecting-Innovations and you will find all the details there.
  7. Hello Steve and thank you for the kind words. Will you be at Detectival? I will be there all weekend. I have tinkered with every machine I have had and I always wanted to design something for the masses. The Tele-Knox shaft was/is a bit challenging as there are many aspects to consider and yet get it small, compact and light. I am currently working on an S-Shaft that will be made from Carbon Fibre and it will use the middle and lower rods from the Tele-Knox. It will have a unique storage/travel feature that will keep it nearly as compact as the the Tele-Knox. Hoping to have samples in Se
  8. Anyone that I know that had the problem were able to solve it with a pointed knife or drill in a few minutes and I have not heard anything about this issue for a long time.
  9. Richard Do you have the lock nuts on yours? If not then let Tony know and he will post them. The supplier messed up with the first batch as lock nuts were in my design and they sent with regular nuts that work loose.
  10. Hi there. The only modification was to the crossmember and centre post, the alignment didn't change as it would have required a new tool. I am not sure what is going on with the arm cup as I have not heard of any issues other than early batches has the hole too small. Have you assembled the new black piece under the handle?
  11. Hello Everyone Scott Ellis here, known as IRON MASK around other forums and detecting events. I run the minelabowners forum and I am the designer for the "Detecting-Innovations" "Tele-Knox" telescopic shaft for the Equinox. I am Canadian however I have been in Europe for 19 years and I have been detecting since 2010, currently own and Equinox 800 and a "dusty" CTX. I have some of my finds featured in the Equinox Handbook by Andy Sabisch. One of my best finds is a silver Roman Seal matrix that is now in a museum in Croatia. My oldest find is a piece of pottery from the Ne
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