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    Designing deep gold detectors. Creating a detector company.
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  1. Here's the full video, in HD, How The Earth Was Made, America's Gold, season 2 episode 13
  2. I can relate lol! Perhaps my story is a different case, but I used to love to play video games until I started working for a gaming company writing game source code. I guess designing & coding video games all day can do that sometimes. Hopefully that's not the case for metal detecting. I enjoy working designing & building the metal detector, but so far I can hardly wait to hit the road headed for nature. No doubt nugget hunting is hard work but I can hardly wait. ?
  3. I'll check out Geotech forum. Another possibility is a forum that doesn't necessarily have much tech talk but perhaps a few detector designers who hang out there. Thanks
  4. I was interested in exchanging info such as the noise voltage density per m^2 of out here in my location, nV/√Hz/m^2 but didn't see a appropriate category on the forum. I was wondering if anyone knows of a metal detecting forum where there might be people who design metal detectors.
  5. Hi, I'm a Californian & newbie to prospecting & metal detecting. I'm working on a metal detector that I've designed and am looking forward to testing it out in the wilderness. I found this awesome forum while searching for info on geology.
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