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  1. I've experienced this. I have a mate with a GPX4500 and I run a Nox 800. We find that when our paths begin to converge and we don't really notice the converging action then my mates starts fiddling with the settings on his 4500 trying to quieten down the machine before realising we are getting too close. I don't seem to get the interference at the longer distances that my mate does. His 4500 is quite susceptible but i'd imagine this is due to the 4500 being more sensitive. I would guess that within 20ft (or 6m for my fellow metric lovers) the 4500 starts to react. I start to hear the
  2. Thanks mate, I'm going to have to build another and get the bevel right. It's going to play on my OCD until I do. "Hun, i'm heading down the shed for a couple hours" "Nope the kids can't come. Hot metal, bright lights etc." There's my escape sorted for next weekend 😃
  3. That's a great find! My heart would be pumping after pulling that out of the ground😁
  4. I did consider this in the original builds phrunt. Ended up against the idea due to the additional straight welds required when using 70mm LandCruiser leafs. I have a heavy diesel mechanic mate who might be able to get me some wider truck leafs. May need to do some upper body strength conditioning to swing them haha
  5. No worries strick, Time behind the detector is going to help me no doubt. We have some old parks where I live that i'd like to tackle. The park had buildings on it in the early 1800's. Probably been hammered but i'll give it a go anyway
  6. Cheers all, I did consider knocking a few of them together and seeing if I can sell them. Bit hard to sell them to you guys being spread all over the world!!! I'll test them out for a while on some harder earth and see how they go. I need to have some confidence in them before handing them off to people to use. My kids did attempt to dig a hole in some concrete at one point although a 6yo swing is a bit different to a grown man swing!
  7. Ridge Runner, Oh don't worry, I'll be heading back there for sure. I really need to learnt this craft on my Nox to be more confident in what I am digging and leaving. There is a lot of junk around the site and i'd end up looking like pop-eye if I dug it all. I'm sort of sidetracking here but... Does the TID change for example between an air test at 6 inches and an 6 inches through earth on the same object? I could do this test quite easily but it's dark and cold outside and I want to know now! haha. Cheers
  8. Thanks Busho, Yeah I was tossing up on which side to grind the bevel while holding the flappy disk grinder in my hand. Ended up choosing the non-standard side (won't say wrong side because they still work a treat). Lesson learnt for the next round of picks. I haven't tackled any really hard earth yet so the tip as is is working fine. I'll have to bevel it before heading to any rocky areas. Slowly building my faith in them as I swing harder and harder...
  9. It's winter where I am from and that is giving me shivers! I'd love to have access to creeks like these for a play in. Awesome stuff!
  10. Hi All, I'm new to detecting and this group. Have only been out a few times myself looking for coins/relics/jewellery etc. I'm a bit of a shed tinkerer and decided to knock up some picks from old leaf springs from a LandCruiser. Made two different sizes. One for my older son and one for my girl. Thought I would share them with you guys. I was pretty stocked with them! Cheers PS. They do not look like this anymore... I didn't want to get them dirty at first. They were almost mounted on the wall! hahaha
  11. Thanks, I starting to see your logic phrunt. I'm going to tackle a more populated site to search for jewellery and more valuable items in the near future. There's a beach nearby that gets a lot of people over the summer. I am assuming it gets hammered by detectorists but i'll try my luck. Cheers
  12. Thanks phrunt, I have a feeling i'll end up with a PI of some sort. I've watched so many videos of guys and girls digging tiny nuggets. Even though it's hard work for the tiny return I feel I'm going to need to see that glint of gold at some stage. I also want to try my hand at shallow water searching where the masses like to cool off. Need to get myself a scoop! Cheers
  13. Hi All, Had a quick hunt today at an old home site. Currently a grassed park, there was a house on the site in the 1950's. I targeted the area that looked like a couple of clotheslines in the aerial. The aerial isn't of great quality so difficult to confirm. I ended up finding a couple of old lipstick tubes in the area which makes me think there may have been a couple of upturned pockets in the area (i.e. a clothesline or two). Unfortunately no coins or anything else of value... I'll be heading back there when I have grown my confidence with the machine. Cheers all Rob
  14. Hi All, I have been trawling this site for a number of months and figured it was about time I started contributing what I can! (which is not much at this stage). I have equipped myself with an Equinox 800 and hope to be able to make the most of it! Focus will be on relics/coins/jewellery for now with a goal of heading into some gold country. Not sure the equinox will handle the hot earth of the Goldfields so there may be further acquisitions before a trip to the Goldfields. I'm enjoying hunting the parks at the moment so i'll stick with that. Thanks for all the information
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