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  1. I believe it was a gold mine. Google " Rock creek BC "
  2. Will do.. I may have to wait however, it's getting ready to snow in the area seeing as it's fairly high altitude.
  3. Obviously that's not gold in the pictures, but there is a lot of mineralization. The area was a large gold producer back in its day. This old mine shaft is close to a place called Rock Creek in British Columbia.
  4. A little place we found. I'm excited to search the area
  5. I like it, but I'm going to make some changes to it. Physical and electronic. I'll post the transformation. Coming soon
  6. The lies, they just seem to keep piling up. What kind of people work for this company?
  7. It may be patented, but is it patented by White's??
  8. The coil is probably nothing special. I'm willing to bet it's a standard folded mono except that it's made using Litz wire and a graphite shield.
  9. Looks like I'm going to have to do the SS mod on my 2018 SL. I'm also going to be doing additional mods as well.. cosmetic and functional. I'll post the pictures. .
  10. Do have a link for this information? I'll build one.. All so, the picture says it's a patented design. ..
  11. Cobalt is used in the making of magnets. But for some reason pulse induction metal detectors cannot pick it up
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