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  1. Thank you @Steve Herschbachfor all the details, so it seems I either have to choose if I prefer using a 2 piece for sturdiness in water or a 3 piece solution for an easy go on carrying with me in a relatively small backpack: a combo is unlikely to work perfectly in both ways. A friend of mine has a Detect ED that I can borrow to try the 2 piece rod, I'll finally try it (in water and tucking it away) and I'll take my final decision. Thanks again for all the infos you, @phrunt and @steveg (those colored carbon fiber tubes he creates are... "darn sexy"! :D) where able to lay on the table. @steveg awesome work on your rods, I'll send you a request in a PM as soon as I figure out what's the prominent feature I will settle with.
  2. Phrunt awesome advice! Never heard about this UK based company! I asked them if it can be used for scuba diving in salty water. I'll keep you posted in the mean time here are a couple of links about them that I found: Ecommerce (discount code that could work for a 5% "MDF4895" found on a youtube video): https://www.detecting-innovations.co.uk/TELE-KNOX_Detecting-Innovations_Telescopic_Stem/p6292256_19741720.aspx
  3. Thanks Phrint for the detail on the drain hole, I saw on their website that the shaft is good for underwater operations although it stays LONG when shrinked for transport use since it's a 2 pieces shaft rather than a 3 pieces (shorter) one and finding a backpack for the stock version is a pain. The opportunity to have a shorter shaft implies also that you can swing it while scuba diving with your right hand while picking up the targets with ease with your left hand: on a 2 piece shaft, the distance of the coil from the left reaching hand is too large to be considered comfortable, do you know (and Steve) other 3 pieces alternatives ? Thanks guys for your support!
  4. Thanks Steve, do you think Detect ED shaft might be functional for under water operation ? if not have you got any ideas on how to compact down this big boy for scuba use and / or be tucked in a backpack?
  5. Hello everybody, can I use the Golden Mask Shaft (converted for the Equinox) in salt water? Are there metallic parts that will be corroded / oxidized by being submerged in ocean/sea ? Thanks Editor's Note - this thread was split from an older existing thread about the Golden Mask aftermarket rod
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