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  1. Sorry for the delay in getting back on here been dealing with family health issues. I did do a factory reset on it, and auto balanced it I tried the park 2 setting and it would not pick it up at all the gold 2 setting picks it up but the number goes from 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 and when i lock in 4 or 5 the detector is like detecting phantom things it will show something is right there, dig, sift through even take any rocks found out run it past and nothing and then check again and now the focus mode shows it several inches away from where it previously showed. It picks up at the earring at currently between 1 - 1.5 inches at my best guess here is the detector running over the earring
  2. I have attached pics of the earring. I can’t seem to tell when the horseshoe button is activated or not as nothing changes I am wondering if I somehow messed up the settings so that it now discriminates nothing regardless if the horseshoe is pressed or not... I am in Park2 mode. To be honest I’m wondering if this is operating properly its showed a yellow gold ring as a 15-17 and a silver ring as a 36-38. That doesn’t seem line up with what the manual says and all tests of it anything in the 20-26 range has been screws and bolts. Also everything is showing 4 shovels to 5 shovels deep and in several instances the signal showed something and nothing was there... Do you know if there are any factory seals that are supposed to be on the Equinox 800 box when you buy it new ? Mine had none and the handle has small scuffs on it, I am starting to wonder if this was a repackaged return.
  3. Skate, Thank you, What model propointer ? ( I am assuming you are talking about Garrett’s - I googled propointer)
  4. Steve, Thank you for your reply. I was hoping a metal detector would be the ticket to finding the earring. I was hoping it was just me being new and not also a limitation of the equipment. I’m going to look at the article you posted. Is the Equinox 800 a really good metal detector or are there higher end ones that would be better ?
  5. Hello, I am brand new to metal detecting. My girlfriend lost one of her grandmothers 1/4 ct diamond earrings, it is set in white gold. She inherited them from her grandmother after she passed so they are very important to her. We think the missing earring is either in the yard or in a parking lot with a lot of loose gravel making it impossible to spot amongst all the debris. To try to find the earring I just bought a new Minelab Equinox 800. I used the other earring she still has to test the detector. I kept passing the earring by the coil but it doesn't seem to pick up anything, likewise i also tried the earring on the ground in a plastic sandwich bag and got nothing. I did find other things in the yard tonight like some 1" round metal cap thing with the #2 stamped in it (no idea what it is but it registered between 21 - 24 on the detector) and some dark brown reddish rock that glistens a little in the light so it seems to be working. I am not sure if I do not have the settings right or if it is the wrong coil or wrong metal detector for what I am trying to do. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
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