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  1. Ι hope so, but i have to reduce the discrimination and i estimate to find 1 ton of aluminum before i find the gold ring.😂
  2. Hello everybody yesterday was the best beach handing day so far. Why? Because I chose the right place. What was the right place? The beach in front of a close for winter beach bar. The result was 38.40 euros and a silver cross. Think that I search only the half beach (I didn’t have enough time) looking only for coins and silver with discrimination -10 to +17. If I can make it, I will go soon at the same place and I will tell you the results.
  3. Hello metal detector colleagues, I went on the beach yesterday with my minelab safari. I worked in all metal with discrimination from -10 to 0 (iron), sensitivity on 18 and trash density on high. 3 hours later I had dig around 40 holes with pull tabs, so I decided to increase discrimination from -10 to 20. I quitted from finding gold jewelry and I was focused on coins. In one hour I found 10 coins (7.05 euros).
  4. What about the depth? With 19Khz frequency what will be the max depth? Owners of G-2 what have to say about max depth?
  5. Thank you all for your answers. The Tesoro brand is relatively known brand in Greece and the Blisstool is totally unknown. The metal detector brands that are sovereigns in Greece are: Minelab, Garrett, Fisher, XP, Whites, Teknetics, Bounty Ηunter, and the last years the Turkish Nokta/Makro and the Russian Aka. From our conversation I understand that I was almost to be a marketing victim. I realize that I have one of the best metal detectors ever made, since now, but I want too much (like Ridge Runner said: «The best detector is always the one you don’t have...» If I make a new purchase might be the Simplex as a second one because of the price and the abilities. Now, I would like one last advice. What do you suggest for small coil for safari, in order to use it in trashy, beach areas and mineralized soil?
  6. Thank you both for your answers, I recover one good target for every 10 bad ones and maybe more, even on the beach where I go crazy with the trash. On the main land I go much better but I want something more. Of course is very important the location were you hand. The things about metal detecting in Greece are very hard because of the too many antiquities. I will never give up metal detecting because of the ecstasy of finding coins or jewelry made 2.000 ago or more. If you want to search with a metal detector even in your own back yard you need permission from the archaeological service of your region and from the ministry of culture. I work only with permissions. If you have metal detector with digging tools in your car without permission and the police stops you, is confiscation of the car, of the metal detector, 2.000 euros fine and you go to trial. Now, back to our topic, supposing you do not have a metal detector and you want to choose one with the characteristics I mention in previous post what would you choose and why: - Minelab safari (owned now and without the characteristics I mentioned) - Nokta simplex - Minelab equinox 600 - Nokta/Makro racer 2 - Nokta/Makro impact - Garrett at max - Garrett at pro Every other suggestion is welcomed, always justified. Also, I am waiting Steve’s answer.
  7. Hello Steve, I am George from Greece again. I will tell you what I dislike about minelab safari. The discrimination is not good and confusing, so you have to dig everything because you don’t know if you hit a pull tub or a small golden ring. Also, when I set discrimination there is a lot of iron masking. I have to do noise cancel every 20-30 minutes in order to work correctly. The depth measurer is very medium. It has terrible recovery speed. Has no ground mineralization indicator. In other words it is a tiring detector and you have to spend a lot of time to learn the nonferrous audios in order to understand approximately what you have hit. What I like is the silver coin sound and with a lot of trying copper sound. But yesterday I was on beach handing, and I found several bob fishing with the same numbers and the sound of silver. Know, I am interested about silver, copper, gold coins, jewelry and relics and I am interested about deep targets. I do handing on the fields, mountains, parks and beach. I do not search for gold nuggets because we do not have in Greece (except Thrace region). I want your suggestion about 3 detectors (so I can choose) with the following specifications: - Very good and precise discrimination. - Very fast recovery speed. - Extremely depth. - Ground mineralization indicator. - Tracking ground balance. - Tone adjustment. - Sensitivity adjustment. - Soil adjustment. - Simple but effective. - Not too much expensive. (I was impressed by the Nokta/Makro metal detectors, although here in Greece there is a prejudice about Turkish products that they are not good in general) Do you think there is such a detector, or is it marketing tricks in order to shell new metal detectors every year? If I bought a new detector (because technology evolving) with the above specifications I will have better results? Thank you in advance for your answers. P.S.: I read your articles and reviews very often and my knowledge about metal detectors has change. You have done very good work. Just continue.
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