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  1. Does anybody know the frequencies in multi-mode that score uses?
  2. Congratulations Jeff, you said it all. I am a Minelab metal detector owner, but i understand that Nokta Makro guided by his customers in stead of Minelab who guides his customers. I am looking forward for the first tests of score and double score metal detectors.
  3. Also, i would like some comments about the following videos:
  4. StarVatrex, since you have Nox 800 why are you using the X-Terra pro? Also, I totally agree with you about hunting by ear. Of course, the processor that has a metal detector also plays a big role, but the fact that the soil is processed by 3 or 5 frequencies at the same time gives a big advantage to simultaneous multi-frequency detectors. Have you ever used Vanquish 540? F350Platinum, you recommend X-terra Pro, what have you seen from those who use it compared with Vanquish or Equinox or other detectors?
  5. The word «obsolete» was used by Minelab when presented the technology multi-IQ. In other words, in your opinion, are single-frequency detectors just as effective as multi-frequency detectors in identifying the ground conditions (especially beach), the identification and stability in vdi numbers in separation and the depth? Then why they made the simultaneous multi frequency metal detectors? Watch the video that I mentioned and you will realize the difference.
  6. I can't understand why some people compare single-frequency detectors with simultaneous multi-frequency detectors since the single-frequency detectors are obsolete, as Minelab said. After all, this was clearly seen in the test done by a guy in YouTube named Treasure Outdoors and with the title Xterra Pro vs Vanquish 540 vs legend gold experiment. The superiority of simultaneous multi-frequency metal detectors is clearly seen. I say again that if they make the Vanquish waterproof and with ground balance, even the sales of more expensive models with more features will drop a lot. Maybe that's why they don't change it. The Xterra Pro is a metal detector which created to hit Simplex, Ace series and nothing more.
  7. The only things I would add in Vanquish are just two. Definitely waterproof and ground balance. Simplicity is everything.
  8. Simultaneous multi frequency technology is the top for now, but I think we have a long way to go. When the metal detectors reach the point of telling us exactly what is under the soil, e.g. gold ring, aluminum, silver coin, can, etc. then I think we will be talking about the ultimate technology. I hope we live to see it but you never know.
  9. Hello Minton, are you from Turkey? I have the same conditions where I live and I am very satisfied with Minelab Vanquish 540.Ι impressed that you are not pleased with Legend although it is multi frequency machine.
  10. Very sad news. My condolences to his family.
  11. Being waterproof is certainly a major plus but working with one frequency will make it effective in salt water? Regarding the ground balance, it is adjustable while the other one is automatic and you might have a problem with all metal mode (Vanquish). So the question is this, which of two has better separation, better depth, better processor, better algorithm, works smooth in mineralized ground? In summary, are simultaneous multiple frequencies only better in salt water and wet sand? Can you get the same results on the beach with 8kHz? Is simultaneous multiple frequencies another marketing trick? If you were asked to choose a metal detector for all purposes (beach, park, field) of the two, which one would you choose?
  12. Case: low budget all-purpose metal detector, Since you have 5 frequencies that work simultaneously (vanquish 540), why would someone get a metal detector with 3 selectable frequencies (X-Terra Pro)? In my opinion, Minelab wants to beat the competition (single frequency detectors, Simplex, Ace etc.) but a user since he follows the evolution of technology (simultaneous multi-frequency) will choose a Vanquish 540 as a cheap all-purpose metal detector. What do you think?
  13. So, if you had only one choice, what would you buy as all around metal detector, Vanquish 540 or X-Terra Pro?
  14. Hi Jeff, i am very sorry about your mother and i hope she will get well very soon.
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