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  1. Thanks for the information but I am not interested about 24Khz. Thanks again Rick N. MI.
  2. Very nice Rick N. MI , I am looking forward for your first impressions.
  3. Hello everyone, I would like your opinion and comments about “Golden Mask” metal detectors. They are made in Bulgaria, but I do not know something about their performance. How they are performed compared with some other brands, e.g., minelab, nokta, teknetics etc. Do you have any information or have you purchased that metal detector? Are they good or not? Would you buy that brand or not? Thanks.
  4. After some years of using Minelab Safari I used for the first time the Minelab Vanquish 540 on the beach. I think that Minelab must made a mistake in price of those detectors. Safari costs almost 1000€ and Vanquish almost 400€ something which should be in reverse in my opinion. Vanquish 540 negatives in contrast with Safari is that there is not such good separation between copper and silver. I saw tid numbers between copper and silver almost in same scale. Safaris silver target sounds and numbers are solid and clear. I select jewelry mode with sensitivity minus 1 or 2 levels d
  5. Thanks Palzynski for the infos. One of the following days i will go to the beach and I will tell you my impression.
  6. Hello everyone, I followed Chase’s advice finally. I withdrawal safari and I took Vanquish 540. I have not gone for metal detecting yet but I will tell you my first impression. It is a very light, easy to assemble and generally very easy to use detector. In contrast with safari I thought it is a toy. In my mind the comparison was created between a car 30 years ago and todays car. Technology is evolving. I did of course some air tests with coins and jewelry and as it was expected I saw totally different vdi numbers. I was impressed by the vdi solid numbers something that safari did not have at
  7. I forgot to ask about Nokta/Makro Simplex. What is your opinion compared with vanquish?
  8. Safari costs almost 1000$ and Vanquish almost 500$. Why is there this difference in price? Maybe because it has 28 frequencies instead of 3? Also, I want adjustable threshold. I know that Vanquish has only faster processor.
  9. Thanks for the answers. I understand that you suggest me not to fix the Safari but to buy something else. Ok. With 500$ what would you buy in order to have the same performance or even better?
  10. Bad luck Hello everyone, I have the following problem and I want some advices. I am a minilab safari owner and I have problem with the circuit board. The Minelab dealer told me that I have to replace it and the cost is 450€ (530$), he told me also that it is better to buy something else (maybe he wants to sell). I don’t know what to do. Replace it or buy something new? In safari I love the simplicity, the auto-tracking ground balance, the FBS technology, the depth, and that is silver killer machine. I dislike the slow processor. I have 500$ and I can’t put extra money. I do beac
  11. Great answer Steve, thanks again, and of course all the other guys.
  12. Thanks Chase Goldman for your reply. What is your suggestion about the coils I mentioned?
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