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  1. Good morning dances with the doves, I am from central Greece, Lamia city. The name of your fathers village is Drosopigi. ( https://www.facebook.com/%CE%94%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%83%CE%BF%CF%80%CE%B7%CE%B3%CE%AE-%CE%A6%CE%BB%CF%8E%CF%81%CE%B9%CE%BD%CE%B1%CF%82-562792424145735/ ). In Greek language means dew source. In the mount Vitsi, and mount Grammos took place the last part of Greek civil war (1946-1949). The stories about treasures are about the golden pounds that the British threw from airplanes as financial aid to the guerrillas in the first guerrilla war (1941-1944) against the Nazi Germans during WW2. The guerrillas hid the boxes of gold pounds to use them later in another phase of the war. Even in our days I personally know people here in Lamia that have found gold pounds and their lives have changed. Because Greece has thousands of years history there are many antiquities from different historical periods, for this reason the laws about using metal detectors are very strict. Nice to meet you Dances with the doves and feel free to ask whatever you want.
  2. Dear Dilek, greetings from Greece. I do not care about the presentation or marketing issue. What I do care is if Legend is equal or better than competitors metal detectors. I am looking forward for the first objective reviews and nothing more. If it is better than the others, I will definitely buy it. Kisses from your neighbors.
  3. Thank you all very much for your answers and especially abenson.
  4. Also, why do you thing that Fisher-Teknetics are behind the times?
  5. In higher price (until 700$) what metal detectors would you recommend with the characteristics I mentioned?
  6. Great post Abenson, for low budget (until 450$) all-purpose metal detector what would you recommend? Consider a region with mineralized ground and many beaches. Also, I need excellent separation because of the trash, foils and iron debris. I am a Vanquish 540 owner and I am not satisfied with the performance. I totally agree with your review. Waiting your recommendation Thanks in advance.
  7. I am using both V12 and V8 coils and the result is the same. When I extract the coin, the tones are normal. The sensitivity is one bar down from the top. Ground mineralization, I am not sure, but I think it is medium.
  8. This happens only in the ground. When I take out the coin and I test it everything is normal. I use jewelry mode mostly. I use all metal only when I want to check if it trashes (mixed sounds, ferrous and non-ferrous and positive with negative numbers). So, what is the solution, to reduce sensitivity, iron volume, both, it is because of the ground or something else?
  9. I work always with low iron bias because I made an experiment which anyone can do at home. I put 20-40 coins (new and older) in a pot. With iron bias high the sound was heavy (iron) and the vdi numbers were negative (iron), but with iron bias low the sound was between brass, copper, silver and the numbers were positive (nonferrous). So, in case of a hoard with iron bias high you might lose it. Now, about the iron volume that I made the question, with full iron volume when I hit a coin although the sound and the numbers at the beginning are correct after few seconds are mixing with ferrous sound and negative numbers. So, I change mode to all metal to check if it is can or bottle top and the result is to get more iron sound and more negative numbers. So, what is the solution to turn it off, to reduce it or to search always with discrimination? But then I will dig more iron?
  10. Good morning, everyone I would like someone to explain how the iron volume exactly works on minelab Vanquish 540. I am using low iron bias and maximum iron volume and, in some coins, when I detect them, it is created a non-ferrous sound mixed with ferrous sound like when you are detecting trash. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Thanks for the information but I am not interested about 24Khz. Thanks again Rick N. MI.
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