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  1. Thanks a lot guys, you are always informative.
  2. Hello everybody, does anyone have information about this brand (Deteknix) and his metal detectors (Quest)? Has anyone test it and are there any opinions about the detectors? It is not at Steve’s data base. Thanks.
  3. Hello Steve, I would like to share your experience with Time Ranger Pro. What is your general opinion about the detector and what are the pros and cons. Would you recommended for beach (wet and dry sand) metal detecting? Thanks.
  4. I am searching on beach, parks and fields, and I am looking for jewelry and coins.
  5. Thanks, but can you suggest particular models except Whites because its closed.
  6. Hello everyone, can you tell me a list of metal detectors (all brands) which have tracking ground balance and adjustable Threshold? Thanks.
  7. And the official site: https://www.detecting.com/pro-metal-detectors.htm#time-ranger-pro
  8. Hello everybody, take a look at the first presentation (i think so) of time ranger pro : https://www.lovecpokladu.cz/home/bounty-hunter-time-ranger-pro-instruktazni-video-a-prvni-dojmy-7896
  9. Ι hope so, but i have to reduce the discrimination and i estimate to find 1 ton of aluminum before i find the gold ring.😂
  10. Hello everybody yesterday was the best beach handing day so far. Why? Because I chose the right place. What was the right place? The beach in front of a close for winter beach bar. The result was 38.40 euros and a silver cross. Think that I search only the half beach (I didn’t have enough time) looking only for coins and silver with discrimination -10 to +17. If I can make it, I will go soon at the same place and I will tell you the results.
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