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    Arizona, Paradise Valley/Phoenix area
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    I Dig Detecting. I Dig Gold Prospecting. I Dig being a Father, I Dig Rocks & things that protect. I Don’t Dig The U.N Agenda21/30 Bolsheviks or The Socialist Left..
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    My Eyes, Ears, Gut and Guidance... Gold Kruzer/Gold Bug/Falcon md20/Pulse Dive/Pans/Dry Washer/Vac/Gold Cube/Banker/Duct tape/ All kinds of stuff...
  1. A Nokta/Makro P.I. machine... Now That could be a home run... The Gold Kruzer is playing out as I had hoped...But I am finding that I am very much desiring the other half of the equation, So a P.I. is now at the top of my list..
  2. I sure wish more was written in regards to the Gold Kruzer’s “add on” coils.. As far as actual usage, I have found Very little written on the gk24.. Nothing on the gk40(that I have come across anyway)... It would be nice to compare thoughts and experience that others have had with them.... For now, the two I have are keeping me plenty busy....For now, Sigh...
  3. I placed a bid on a "gold monster" on eBay 2 days ago..Unused condition..looked great.. And for only 560.01, I jumped on it...(Then I found this thread)...Started sweating and comparing photographs..I found some very, very slight, nearly imperceptible differences..The rubber seemed a little too smoothed, The logo was just a tiny bit off and a few other red flags..Enough to cause some concern in me....It was in Wa. and I was in Az. so there was no way to check it out and there was a No return stipulation.. Thankfully I was out bid by 10 bucks at 15 seconds to close!..PHEW.! Some other guy won The ability to purchase a POSSIBLE Gold monster for $570.01.. For me, I was reminded of how important " peace of mind" is..
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