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    Arizona, Paradise Valley/Phoenix area...
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    I Dig Detecting. I Dig Gold Prospecting. I Dig being a Father, I Dig Building things..I Grew up in Newport Beach Ca. Surfing.. Had a Career in Film/Music Production...Once Took an Oath, Im Keeping it.
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    My Eyes, Ears, Gut and Books... Gold Kruzer/Gold Bug/Falcon md20/Pulse Dive/old Garrett/Teknetics vlf/ Pans/Dry Washer/Vac/Gold Cube/Banker/Duct tape/ All kinds of stuff.....

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  1. That sounds and looks like a Gem, Seriously RAD... And The sooner the better as it seems that a LOT of people are spending those Tax refunds and relief Checks on the Equinox series vlf’s (I have met 2 people Over the past week with Brand new 800’s..One was, like myself, previously looking at getting a P.I. , But just wanted something new.)..I Would pick one up Tomorrow if I could..
  2. ”Minelab* equinox900” Coming soon.. ......FROM CHINA 😔
  3. “only for a limited time “(no Joke).. After finding the need for a P.I. In my toolbox for some time, I was finally ready to purchase one ... I went to the website to do my Final comparisons and, just like that....Whites was gone..... Sheesh... There is definitely a void to be filled here...Regardless, That Machine looks pretty cool....
  4. I Finally picked one up (midi)for my Daughter(9).... Happy to say that she loves it.. Fits her small arms and size perfectly and it doesn’t weigh her down like when she (comedically) attempts to drag around the spare Garrett.... It seems very well made and doesn’t have that cheap “kids toy” feel.. No,This Midi Hoard screams quality.. We played with it on the front lawn all afternoon so she could get the hang of it, as she quickly did..(she even wanted to go back out after dark to look for more stuff).. Yeah, It’s pretty cool as a parent when you manage to get your kids something that they ge
  5. A Nokta/Makro P.I. machine... Now That could be a home run... The Gold Kruzer is playing out as I had hoped...But I am finding that I am very much desiring the other half of the equation, So a P.I. is now at the top of my list..
  6. I sure wish more was written in regards to the Gold Kruzer’s “add on” coils.. As far as actual usage, I have found Very little written on the gk24.. Nothing on the gk40(that I have come across anyway)... It would be nice to compare thoughts and experience that others have had with them.... For now, the two I have are keeping me plenty busy....For now, Sigh...
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