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  1. It's been a park since 1928 and supposedly no fill in this area. Was a farm at one time though.
  2. No. Actually a city park. Not sure why it is where it is. How long ago would you say this was used? Depth and location are NOT very helpful? This is what I like about this. Sometimes it isn't WHAT we find but the mystery of WHERE and WHY.
  3. Thanks. Cleaned it up and removed the big Tesoro sticker off of the handle. I may have a set of headphones to throw in with it if someones interested. They won't be anything fancy if I can find them.
  4. Found this about 10" down with my Vaquero. Thinking drive chain link of some kind.
  5. Looking to buy a shovel for a good price. I can sharpen if needed. If you have something sitting around that you're not using and want to sell it please let me know. Thanks
  6. Good luck and have fun. I know I'm just learning to use my detectors. I was just up the Presque Isle this summer. Nice area.
  7. Looking to add a shovel to my arsenal. Want a small footprint and at this point don't need anything to heavy duty as I'm not really searching anywhere with much roots. Just need something bigger and a little tougher than my trowel. Oh, and it also needs to be reasonably priced. Thanks
  8. Tag1260

    Hi From Ohio

    I will both keep you posted and ask questions!!!!
  9. I have a nice Tesoro Vaquero that I'd like to sell. This is the newer Black version. Some scratches where the lower pole slides into the middle pole. Other than that it's in really nice shape. 11*8 DD coil. I'll even throw in a couple new batteries. $300.00 shipped to the US with the original box and manual. Would consider a Tesoro 4 pin 5.75" concentric coil as partial trade. Thanks
  10. OK. Just won the 9*8 on Ebay!!!!!! I usually don't do Ebay but really want a concentric coil for this thing. Now to wait until it arrives which with my luck will be just about the time the ground freezes!!!!!🙄
  11. Thanks. I'm actually watching this as we speak. See where we end up as I can't get ridiculous in bidding.
  12. Thanks but the only thing I see is the 8 ft cable version and I don't know how to shorten it. Also, there's a widescan on there too.
  13. Nope 11*8 dd coil on mine. That's what is stock on the black version Vaquero.
  14. Tag1260

    Hi From Ohio

    Thanks for the welcome. I've got a couple of finds that I'll post eventually when I get them cleaned a little to see if I know what they are.
  15. Thanks. I'll have to give one a shot. At least they seem to be obtainable. Been looking for a 5.75" but even the places that say they have them don't.
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