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  1. I always manual GB. And the soil here in Missouri is very good for the most part. I only use the 12x15 in fields. When I GB the 11” coil it balances out perfect, usually 3-5 numbers that are completely silent so it is obvious where the sweet spot is. The 12x15 balances, but it is a lot more noisier in the sweet spot. I have 2 nox’s, so one day I GB the 11” coil in the exact same spot I had just GB’d the 12x15 and it was perfectly silent in the same 3-5 numbers the 12x15 balanced in. Every time I balance the 12x15 I know it’s balanced but it’s just not the same sound as the 11”. I do very well with both so I know it’s balanced but I just wonder if I’m losing some performance because it isn’t as silent as the 11”. I never use the auto balance.
  2. Has anybody else noticed that the 12x15 coil doesn’t ground balance as well as the stock coil or the 6” coil? Or is it just my imagination?
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