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  1. Drillerdave

    A Few Small Ones For The Z

    Nice video Patrick, that clunk in the bottle is my favorite sound also. Congratulations. Dave
  2. Drillerdave

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Have a great adventure Paul. We’re all looking forward to pictures and stories. Godspeed and safe travels. Dave
  3. Drillerdave

    Three Ring Day Again!

    Nice going Mitchel. Glad to see you getting out. Dave
  4. Drillerdave

    Oh Man!

    Mitchel, When you got there, Paul was just driving away with all the treasures he found with his new 3030.
  5. Drillerdave

    At The Pot Holes Area

    Good going Fred. The potholes is one area I've always wanted to check out but have never made it over there. When I first bought my GP 3000, Joe at "The House of Treasures" told me of some areas to look at over that way but I have just never made it. Maybe later this winter. Nice going on the gold. Dave
  6. Drillerdave

    Gold And Crystal Piece

    Very Nice Fred. Dave
  7. Great tools Scott. It's awesome that you're able to have them and have some of your grandfathers legacy. Dave
  8. Drillerdave

    Paul Kirkeminde - Detector Prospector Man Of The Year!

    Congratulations Paul. Steve could not have picked a more deserving kind hearted person. That MXT has opened some doors for several different people since I bought it new for my mother to use prospecting and coin hunting. Mom found her first piece of gold with it, a beautiful 4.8 gram nugget that she still wears around her neck everyday. Then it gave you and your father some good times together and I hope the professor is getting joy out of it even though he went about it the wrong way. Not to hijack you thread Paul, just a big congratulations. Dave
  9. Drillerdave

    Didn't Find a Virgin Patch

    Good job Norm!! Beautiful gold. Dave