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  1. I called Todd yesterday and he's received another truck load from Whites. He asked me to give him a little more time but took a list of what I needed so he could keep an eye out for it.
  2. I'm looking for a pair of light weight and comfortable boots with hiking soles and no metal eyelets or hooks. The key words are Light Weight and Comfortable! Anyone know of any? Thanks! Walt
  3. It would be great if they would make it something like 20, 40 & 60 kHz as Simon mentioned. Add wireless audio and viola, GM2000! I wish they had made the Eureka Gold simultaneous. I think it would have made a BIG difference.
  4. I spoke with Todd Marshall today and he just picked up ALL the left over parts from White's. He said to give him about 3 weeks to sort it all out before calling for availability.
  5. I heard from a buddy that Minelab was discontinuing this model. I hope it's not true! I also heard from another buddy that they are no longer going to make single frequency Gold Machines. I know rumors are what they are but wanted to reach out anyway. Thanks! Walt
  6. Wished I'd have bought about a half dozen at the beginning of the year!
  7. "AT Pro Pointer = TRX" I did an Air test last night. The TRX found a 1 grain piece of gold 1/2" from the tip. The Carrot wouldn't find it at all!
  8. I would have liked to have seen the TDI in the water-Proof "Sport" platform with a variety of coil sizes. Whites really missed the boat by just modifying their Beach Machine. When I first started selling Metal Detectors I was confused by the Infinium's 96 Frequencies. It's Pulse Induction. It doesn't operate on a Frequency, right. Then I realized it was like a cordless phone with 96 "Channel's". There would have been less confusion if they would have used THAT terminology instead.
  9. Other than the Falcon MD 20 Probe, does anybody make a Prospecting specific Pin Pointer for small gold? Thanks! Walt
  10. Can anyone tell me what Frequency the Pro-Find 35 operates at? I can't find it anywhere. Is the search field off the tip like the TRX or 360 like the Garrett? Thanks! Walt
  11. I was selling at the Portland Oregon GPAA show a few years back. A man came up to me looking for a Gold Bug. I showed him Fisher’s latest offering to which he replied “No, I’m looking for an Original, without the Screen”. I explained to him that they were few and far between. I then inquired as to the reason for his search and dislike for the newer model. Both were 19kHz. Both had Ground Balance capabilities with the new “Bug” more user friendly. He then told me the following story. He and a Buddy were out Nugget Hunting. He had the original and his Buddy was using the current model.
  12. Thanks Mitchel! Looks live you live in the place of my birth. I love detecting that beach. I don't know how long you've been there but I used to visit my Grandmother every summer. They had an Amusement park on a pier near Venice called Pacific Ocean Park (POP).
  13. I’ve heard of folks hunting the Rye Patch area of Nevada. How do they gain access? Do they have their own claim? Are there Open to the Public areas? What about Local Prospecting Clubs? Thanks! Walt
  14. Great Video Steve, thanks for sharing! I never really thought about iron mixed with good targets "Averaging" or lowering the VDI.
  15. I got my first chance to take the Apex out for a test drive in a local park. I chose U.S. Coins mode because the area I was hunting is home to a Carnival with Rides and Game Booths every year. I must say, it ran fairly quiet until it hit a target. I will most likely use Zero in the future as the “Pre-set” modes may have more discrimination than I’m used to. Or I could “Accept” some of the blocked-out segments to create a “Custom” Program. Overall impressions: Simple, nice and light weight, well balanced, easy to adjust settings plus the Wireless Audio that you can hear your Pin Pointer t
  16. "What I'm wondering is if the standalone Z-lynk receiver is compatible with their detectors that have the built-in transmitters." My answer would be yes. It would allow you to use what ever wired headphones you're fond of instead of the MS-3.
  17. I was under the impression that those "Pre-set" modes come with a certain amount of disc. Am I wrong?
  18. I’ve seen two comparison videos recently; this one with the Nox and the other was a Simplex. The problem with these guys is they’re comparing apples to oranges. They’re running these machines in one of the preset programs like “Park” and comparing them to the Apex with zero discrimination. Not a very fair test if you ask me. They should at least have put it in Coin mode or run both in “All Metal”.
  19. At first I'm thinking, no threshold, no small gold. I did an air test (@ 20 kHz) and it found a 1.5 grain nugget at 1 inch ! I was glad to see that as the launch video indicated it would find "small gold nuggets".
  20. I had been a multi-line dealer since 2005. I moved back to Oregon in 2011 and continued to do so. 75% of the people in my Prospecting club owned Metal Detectors. Of those, at least 75% were White’s. I was living and selling in White’s Country! As a result, I concentrated on that brand. I didn’t give up my other dealerships. I just didn’t order unless somebody needed something. I stocked White’s only. Garrett is a family owned US company with a reputation of excellent Customer Service. Not only that, they’re solid financially. I recently learned that they purchase all the parts i
  21. Back around 2009 or 10, Fisher reintroduced the Gold Bug. Then came the Pro model. After that was the F-Series. Other than their Pulse Pin Pointer, they haven’t released anything new in quite a while.
  22. I had similar problems in parks with the 6" coil. Not so much with the 11". I did run it in 10 kHz to see if I could duplicate the results I had with a borrowed Simplex. They were similar. I'm thinking of doing just that but was waiting for the grass to die. Anybody else not water their grass in the summer to avoid a bigger water bill? lol
  23. Has any one tested the Makro Gold Kruzer against one or the other of the White's detectors listed in the topic? Thanks! Walt
  24. I used to like in Southern California. A couple times we went down Beach Detecting after a storm. You could see thick concentrations of Black Sand laying on the surface. A SF VLF machine just wouldn’t work. It would overload as soon as the coil got close to the ground. At that time, Minelab’s FBS and BBS technology (Explorer & Excalibur) was the only game in town. That type of MF worked very well as did the PI’s like White’s Surfmaster, Garrett's Infinium LS and Sea Hunter. If you didn’t have one of those, you didn’t hunt! I’ve never tried anything like a Spectra or Equinox Se
  25. The 6" coil was even worse. I had to lower the sensitivity down to 10. Yes, that's what I was talking about. All those marginal "Rusty" targets. I once had a pipe cap read as a 50 cent piece. Whether you believe your knowledgeable or not, I've enjoyed your input the short time I've been on the forum.
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