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  1. Where would one insure their detector? If soccer players insure their legs and Keith Richards insured his hands detectorists must be able to insure their machines. Gollum – That's exactly why I don't advertise that I'm detecting either. If someone sees a GPAA sticker on my rig out in the wilderness they suddenly know what I'm doing out there. A million reasons why that could be a bad idea. But, when you slap on an Audubon sticker everyone assumes you're a bird watcher, lol.
  2. The bottom of page 52 in the User Manual mentions – "Only MINELAB GPZ coils are compatible with the GPZ 7000 detector." If I'm reading that correctly the aftermarket coil companies won't be able to make coils for the GPZ unless Minelab licenses them to do so. I don't speak patentese so I could be mistaken. Perhaps someone else can offer a more educated opinion? If Minelab ever looks to the forums for feedback (like the wonderful Nokta folks) I'll offer mine. If you are to be the only manufacturer of coils for the GPZ please offer a full line. I believe many folks would be like me i
  3. A lot of people have talked about the coil comparisons in the GPZ video with regards to the larger deeper stuff. What about the fact that the GPZ is being said to go deeper than an SDC on small gold – 14" coil compared to 8" coil. If that's the case I'm impressed. I also hope there will be an 8" coil option in the GPZ's future. Imagine how much better it could do on sub gram nuggets if it had that coil! My question is; Does the GPZ really beat an SDC on small nuggets even with a 14" Coil? Is that number coming from that 5 gram mark or sub grammars too? With the detector reaching buyer
  4. It wouldn't be me who would develop any apps or programs for a detector but you'd have to think some folks could make some good ones.Seeing good detectorists able to tell the sound of ferrous vs. non ferrous and depth as well as they do (not perfectly but darn good), some kind of program or app should be possible to help further refine the ability.
  5. Bill has em up for sale too. Same price. On his forum he states they will be available in a few days. Sooner than I would have expected. http://www.nuggetshooter.com/minelab-gpz-7000.html
  6. I like the "ONLY" part. Lol If only it didn't hurt so bad to laugh.
  7. I have been privileged enough to detect with some of the best and can say they have different techniques, but a few things are apparent with them all. First off is they put in a lot of time behind a detector. Easier for them than most because they essentially are professionals who make or supplement a lot of their income with their finds. Some barely know the settings on their machines but they know how to get a coil over gold and aren't afraid to dig. Success breeds confidence and confidence is the most underrated and unmentioned tool in the prospectors arsenal. If you see workings or geolo
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