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  1. Te dejo algunas imágenes del fin de semana de detección en la cordillera de los Andes, salieron unas pepitas de oro ”I leave you some images of the weekend of detection in the Andes mountain range, some gold nuggets came out”
  2. now that you have the 4500 you aren't using the ROX? now that you have the 4500 you aren't using the ORX?
  3. are you using gold mode sensitivity at 85 loses depth compared to 90-95?
  4. excellent video!!! I detect in the Andes mountain range, yesterday I returned from a 3-day trip, during the night -18c and during the day 4c, a lot of white wind, it is 3hs walking to the place every gram of weight counts hahaha. A 4,500 used in Argentina costs 4,000 to 4,400 dollars and a basic salary is around 450 dollars, very far from the budget 😞 Old video
  5. Maybe the ground where I detect is not suitable for high frequencies. I thought of a 4500 but where I detect it is very high 4500 to 5000mts and complicated topography with bushes and rocks that would not allow me. handle a large and heavy detector. i like those detectors, you have a good investment. I am going to investigate the frequencies and the types of soil
  6. I really like the Orx, I wish I could use it at high frequencies 30 or 70khz but I don't know why it gets very unstable with wet soils, ID 99 95 as I go deeper the sound disappears. so i think khz is a lot of marketing they say that a gold detector has to be high frequency when detectors like the Garrett at gold and the Orx at low frequencies can find very small nuggets without any problem ...
  7. Hola chicos, compré un xp Orx, estaba buscando pepitas de oro, tuve muchos problemas con las rocas calientes, no pude resolverlo ... ¿algún consejo? ... Hice pruebas en el terreno con una pepita de 0.3gr y observé que con altas frecuencias 30 y 70 era muy inestable, muchas señales ... Tuve que poner en modo dorado, frecuencia de 13 kHz, modo sal y reactividad 2.5 para poder detectar sin tantas señales, les dejo algunas fotos de los hallazgos,
  8. if you know if someone else had the same problem of sudden death in the detector? ..... on the other hand I was doing depth tests with nugget in At gold, At Max and equinox 800 .... the At gold with coil of 8.5x11 "has more depth in nuggets of 0.5gr in 1gr onwards ... now I want to try the Nel storm coil is" DD "and a little bigger .... with respect to the Equinox I can not get used to so much noise on my ground I feel that garrett is more stable and silent
  9. Hi guys, I have a question, can a coil break the detector computer? because a friend has a garrett at gold and he placed the Nel Storm coil for AT GOLD, after using it for a few hours I turned off the detector for lunch, and when turning it on it did not work anymore, the garrett guarantee said it was a factory problem and it replaced. Now, I want to try that coil with different large nuggets 5g, 10g and 15g but I'm afraid to break my detector, is there any way to check the resistance of the coil and values are optimal for AT gold? Could the coil break the detector? I clarify that it is a coil
  10. Cómo configurar el equinoccio 600 el más cercano al modo dorado del equinoccio 800, quiero hacer una prueba de profundidad con una pepita de oro de 14gr. ¿Cambiará la profundidad en relación con el equinoccio 800 en una pepita de 14 gramos?
  11. next week I will compare the AT max At Gold and the EQ 800 of a friend to see how he behaves, I do not have to compare the rest of the equipment, it seems to me that I will go to the Eq 800: D this is me
  12. in very small nuggets the AT max did not generate a signal while at Gold emitted a clear signal, we compared it quite a lot in the gold mines .... I would like a good configuration detector that gives me options to play depending on the work area, rechargeable battery, wireless headphones, waterproof against rain and accidental wetting .... not much more
  13. I like to have options to play depending on the area where I am detecting, I do not want the lack of adjustments to limit me. As for the price here in Argentina all the detectors that I comment at a similar price. 80 -90% of the use is gold nuggets, 20 -10% copper silver coins. I detect in old gold tillage in floods, there is fine and coarse gold, the previous weekend my at gold did not detect a nugget from 14 -15gr to 25 -30cm while at max if ... I do not intend to find gold at 1 meter deep but go as deep as a VLF can
  14. Thank you very much for your answer .... I tell you that with the AT gold I take out pips the size of a louse, but I get my attention as in the 15gr nugget of the photo I did not detect it and the AT Max yes, that is the main reason to update my old At gold
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