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  1. This is about as good as I could get it...it has a lot of fracture, and the bottom almost looks like quartz, so the light didn't shine through it so much. I used the flash and you can see the red specks in it.
  2. I have had this for many years, not even sure where I found it, I think the point was sticking up in my driveway in Georgia. The pics don't do it justice, it looks kind of like quartz, but is a beautiful deep purple, at one time I thought it might be Amethyst, but I have never seen any this dark. If you shine a light on it, there are bright red speckles inside....
  3. Thanks... I was planning a hunt on another property my uncle was getting permission for me, unfortunately my back decided to show out.
  4. I was using White's MX7....the "hasp" on the locket continues inside, I think it did lock at one time. Once I cleaned it off a little, there is a gold color plating on it, but it is rusting/corroding.
  5. I haven't gotten out much lately due to back problems and weather. The last couple of times I found some interesting things, and a lot of nails, horseshoe nails... I'm not sure what the shoe shaped thing is, an old skate? or possibly a shoeshine support? I got a horse tack buckle, a locket, that seems to be plated, it's corroded a little, and fell apart when I picked it up, and a tiny brass buckle...I'm wondering if the tiny brass buckle was for a baby's shoe maybe? It still has a piece of material in it. The penny was just to show the size of the locket and tiny buckle.
  6. Thanks.... well, I use the White's 6 shooter most of the time, and have sensitivity at 3-4...I'm on a fixed income so another detector is out of the question. I mostly go slow...sometimes I can pick up three targets in a foot or less...I've probably taken a few hundred pounds of iron out of the ground, and there is still a ton....horse shoes, nails, pipe, tractor parts, you name it.
  7. I have a White's MX7, and I mostly hunt an 1860's farm house...I have found coins from 2000 to 1940, nothing older than that... There are tons of iron objects all over the place, I have read maybe faster recovery speed might help in a situation like this, I also know the MX7 has no recovery speed setting. Are there any settings I could use that would help in recovery speed, or finding older coins under all the iron?
  8. It seems pretty good on balance to me, it only weighs 3.5 pounds..
  9. I was told it could be a soap tin. It's only the top, no bottom.
  10. I knew my house was old, but just recently found out the owners had this property in 1850. So far no silver, or old coins even, but some interesting finds. I just bought a White's MX7 back in May, and haven't had the opportunity to use it a lot, but I'm giving it a workout lately.
  11. I just took the batteries that came in the detector out. It was a brand I had never heard of, Nuon, they are just alkaline, not rechargeable. They held all four dots for along time, then just recently went to two. I haven't been able to use it a lot since I got it, until lately. The Rayovac's I have are 1350 mAh...I have used them about 3 hours, and they are staying the same.
  12. What kind of batteries ya'll use? I used to buy nothing but Duracell rechargeable, then in the last year I couldn't find any. I just bought some Rayovac with a charger, but they don't seem to hold a charge. I charged them, put them in, they showed full charge as I hunted for about an hour, then the next day only see two dots on the power gauge. I recharged them hoping they needed a break in, but they did the same thing. Now I have used them for 3 days, with only two dots showing, they don't seem to be going any lower, but I don't trust them. I just did a search and found a bunch of Duracells, I might of been looking for the same charger I used to have, that died, and couldn't find it. I hate to go spend more on a different brand...I didn't notice until now, the rechargeable's are 1.2 volt, whereas the regular are 1.5 volt, would that make a difference? I don't want a battery pack, at least not a NiCad...
  13. Hi ya'll.... I got into gold prospecting in 2003, bought a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II. Never really used it much, until 2006, we moved into an old farm house, and then not very much. Fast forward to 2016, I became disabled and was bored sitting around the house, so broke out my Bounty Hunter. I found a few interesting things, then in May 2019, I got a White's MX7, loving it so far...my problem is I haven't had any luck getting permissions, mostly finding the right person to talk to....I would love to go to a Civil War sight, especially in my neck of the woods, or old mill site, there are a lot around...another problem is, I can only hunt between an hour, to two hours and have to stop. Still lovin' it though, it got me to reading up on history in my town, found some really cool info.
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