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  1. Hey Tom, I'm not sure, but it sounds like Matt maybe referring to your area.
  2. Explorer 2...that sounds like Tom. He sure can dig targets fast with his special digger. So, what were the results of your testing. El
  3. What a sweety you have there. I remember when she was born. Seems like a short time ago. I'm glad she didn't get her looks from you.😃I'm sure Tom has reminded you of that a few times. Keep us updated on your testing. Be safe, El
  4. Hi Joe, I believe you may have told me which places you wouldn't take the AQ but I have forgotten them. If you wouldn't mind, could you refresh my memory? After almost 2 years I may finally be able to do a little hunting. My wife is doing much better and looks to have beaten the cancer and has one more major surgery to go. Thanks, El
  5. Nice finds Brian. The Number 2 cuff button was assigned to the "Kings Regiment". The number 28 coat button was assigned to the "trou Regiment". El
  6. Congrats on the nice finds Joe. Your not out there by your self? El
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