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  1. Agreed. Have you checked with them about why it is taking so long to repair it? BTW, what was the problem with it? Good luck, El
  2. All 4 of your hunts are simply amazing. Congrats to you and your wife for outstanding finds and research. El
  3. Nice finds Tom. You know I like digging those. What were you swinging? OK Brian, lets see your finds. El
  4. Scary picture there Joe. Glad your going to be fine. Take care buddy. El
  5. Hey Tom I enjoyed your write up, especially of the site history. Interesting the amount of finds after the years of hunting there. How do you think Brian would have done with hi 800. El
  6. Be interesting to know what kind of performance it has in iron beach sites. That is if Joe is allowed to state.
  7. All is good. I just switch back and forth between browsers to suit what I'm doing.
  8. Very cool ring and it looks like the at cross might have some years on it.
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