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  1. Thanks for the quick report Jeff. As you put more hours on the Legend, I will be looking forward to hear how you feel it compares to the Equinox. Glad to hear your mom has recovered well enough to order you out of the house. When she offers to make you a sandwich, I think the recovery will be complete. Take care and HH.
  2. Heck yes, it counts! And give yourself a couple of bonus points for leaving your sign at the store. That is more than most detectorists would do, probably. Well, maybe. OK, it is more than at least one detectorist I know well would do.
  3. How about a 5" or 6" coil? I guess the elliptical HF coil is as little as they are going. Really don't need the HF frequencies and prefer the X-35. Maybe an elliptical X-35?
  4. Wow. Very sorry to hear that. Last night I was reading his "UNDERSTANDING THE PI METAL DETECTOR". RIP Mr. Reg and thank you.
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