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  1. Here's a nice little self-contained set of finds, these came out of a 1x1m area on a small pushed up pile of dirt and rubble in a local forest reserve. I've wandered over this area plenty of times before, but only now did I snag a good target. I had a hunch there had to be something of interest here but I just couldn't make it work... There was a smattering of aluminium pull tabs dumped on top of the pile to cause distraction as well. Can't work up any more targets even with the nox set at F2-0, tempted to get the pick out there and turn it all over a bit. 1873 and 1877 pennies, an 1842 groat and a silver cufflink made in 1911.
  2. Yeah the old bronze pennies are amazing with the way they hold up, and anecdotally it seems that the pre-1860 chunky copper British coinage weathers better than the more modern pre-decimal Australian coinage they are almost always in good condition. The goldies were quickly converted into fundraiser chocolate bars at work...
  3. Got back to having a swing around my usual spots with the Nox 600 after a month's break, it's funny how targets grow back if you leave the area alone for a while: Also picked up $6.50 in modern coinage in one spill which in a way was more unusual than the old pennies - not much modern action in this old gold-mining area so pre-decimal coinage is the order of the day usually.
  4. Thanks, I remember it being about 22-24 undisturbed, jumping to about 27-28 or so with a couple of inches of dirt off the top. Didn't check that one out of the ground but the couple of other .925 florins I've encountered were in the 31-33 range for sure.
  5. Cheers, I'm normally posting on the Aussie forums but things can get a bit quiet over there! I'm currently working over my old demolished house sites with extremely detuned settings on the Nox which is quite interesting after running high sensitivity/reduced iron masking. All the good stuff is mixed in with nails, big iron and buckshot iron gravel, reading up on here about how others were dealing with EMI and interference gave me some good ideas. Taking some of Steve's comments about reducing sensitivity to heart and the extreme, I've dropped the sensitivity to 5, way lower than seems sensible, and just for giggles maxed out the FE2 which has been a winner. This combo's picking up near-surface iron masked coins that I've swept over many times before with no good tell. I haven't seen many guys running that low on the forums but the famous GT soils coupled with nail beds sounds calls for extraordinary settings I reckon. Best find recently would have to be the 1873 gothic florin in my profile, it was only 4 inches down in pretty forgiving soil, by all rights I should have found it a year or so ago but I try not to be too systematic with gridding my sites since I'd like them to last...sustainable detecting?
  6. Hi all, thought I'd better sign up for an account as I've been lurking for too long! The technical discussions in the Equinox subforum keep me coming back, always interesting to see what new ideas people are coming up with to get the most out of their machines. I've mostly been coin and relic hunting for the two years I've been into detecting, and luckily have some unique permissions in an 1860's gold mining town that enable me to get onto what I think are some really interesting finds. The area's not really known for detectable gold so it's escaped a real hammering until I've got my hands on it! The soil's crazy mineralised so it's been a challenge to find settings that work, every time I change a parameter more finds leap out of ground that I've slammed before. My favourite finds are the chunky copper pre-1860 Victoria pennies and 1850's trader's tokens, I think they even edge out big silver for me...
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