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  1. Thanks Randy. I'm not new, but for some reason, could not get logged in as before and could not reset PW. Who knows? Nonetheless, that's the kind of comment I was looking for. For some reason, I had the impression that the Jones program WAS for iron infested sites. I do have a very "clean" Civil War site here in VA that I'll be visiting soon. I'll try it there and see how it does. Thanks so much.
  2. "why would you take someone's settings that are being used on a different continent" Because there are quite a few on this continent using it with success. I posted to see if there were folks here w/experience that could advise me on what I might be doing wrong. Isn't that part of the reason for the forum?
  3. I recently tried Neil Jones's beach to land program - exactly as he advises. I don't know if I'm the problem or something else, but I was sorely disappointed, especially since I've read so many positive comments about it. I was on an iron infested colonial site with lots of EMI via livestock fencing. I was using the 6" coil. I hit 2 tombac buttons in factory Park 1. Switching to the custom program, the best I could get was broken signal that I would not have normally dug. Suggestions? Thoughts?
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