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  1. I know Ashtabula well, fish out of there each year a couple trips with friends who keep their boat at the harbor. I hope Idaho is treating you well, beautiful country. we got our first snow the other day, too early!! Anyway, hopefully I will get a chance to get out soon. Good Hunting, keep in touch if you get back in the Lake Erie area.
  2. Thanks and maybe we will cross paths at Presque Isle or northwest PA vicinity.
  3. Some areas of Presque Isle have some heavy mineralization in the sand plus a lot of random iron rods , old pieces of the steel jetty’s etc. I just started back about 4 months ago after a 15+ year lay off traveling for business. Still waiting for a “big” find like everyone hopes for. Fun and great exercise walking the beaches.
  4. Thank you and I am sure your weather coming up is better than ours. We Will be under snow and frozen ground soon which curtails our activity. Good hunting!
  5. I am Getting back into metal detecting now that I am retired. I have an old 20 + year old Garrett, two coils, still works and recently picked up a new Nokta Kruzer Multi which I am getting used to. Beach (freshwater) and local fields/ parks etc will be primary areas of searching. I need to learn a lot with these newer style detectors so any help appreciated. Looking forward to participating in the forums and possibly meeting some fellow detectors in the area. Yes, winter is coming, which puts a damper on things but Ibhope to get to Texas and Florida and areas in between in the near future. Good hunting to all fellow detectors!
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