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  1. Last week received a warranty replacement 11" coil, no apparent difference that I could tell by eye...sure would be nice if they beefed them up a little, till then using one of the 3D printed stiffeners to help prevent a second failure.
  2. Unfortunately the broken piece is gone ... I did send the America's support center a e-mail with pictures, will give them a few days then call if they don't respond .
  3. So one of the ears on my 3 month old Equinox 600 11" coil has busted ( see picture). Will Minelab replace this under warranty? Once replaced is there a way to help prevent a reoccurrence? if they won't replace it, any ideas on a self fix? Thanks Brian
  4. Im new so can only comment on the F-Pulse. I like mine so much I bought a second for my Wife to use. I think the main complaint you read about falseing is really a usage issue. When the unit starts to register but there is obviously nothing close, I quick press the button and it de-senses and I continue then to zero in on the target. For clad hunting at tot lots its amazing as it can pinpoint a quarter 2-3 inches under the surface with ease. I like that it is easy to program the different alert modes, can change freq so as not to interfere with my NOX600 .. Be glad to answer any questions anyo
  5. More than likely the cell has shrink wrapped into it a protection circuit (Chip) to prevent over charging/discharging. Its a single cell so there is no need to balance charge like the multi cell LiPO batteries. Will be hard to tell until someone removes the shrink wrap and exposes what's underneath. Could also be a empty lead if the battery charging circuitry in the detector is designed accordingly. But agreed until more facts are known I;d stick with OEM replacement, LiPOs are a fire danger if handled improperly while charging. Edit; I have a fair amount of experience
  6. No face book here either, IT guy and fixin to retire at 59 ( next July). I let my wife handle our face book presence to keep track of the goings on of the family and such, but me, just a few forums ... That said, Steves products are top notch and someone will be luck to win them, I know Im 100% satisfied with mine and wish him best of luck on the drawings.
  7. Thanks Steve. Im actually a north Alabama transplant (Nice there too). But I do love it here, especially the no state income tax deal...
  8. GaryC this one was a solid 8" down, being the only one I have found so far not sure what a average would be
  9. Yeah, after digging all that crusty clad soon as I saw that silver edge sticking up I knew ...
  10. Used the historic aerial site to do some research and found that the local ball field was just a plain ole park at first ..circa 1960.. so give it a shot. Based on the overlay I hit the original part of the park by some old trees and finally found my first silver ever .. 1941D Merc.. Hook firmly set now .. lol Cheers Bran
  11. Hit a local school lot twice the past few days, no silver, but the Equinox is a quarter finding machine ... And to boot nabbed a Sacagawea dollar ... Only old place I have permission on had the old home bulldozed and there is scrap literally everywhere and Im not experienced enough yet to detect this environment. Had lots of fun, got dirty and needed advil afterwards..LOL Cheers Brian
  12. I like the looks of that.. Good cross between a Lesche hand tool and a full on mini shovel like the Sampson. Would be perfect for me as some places the Lesche is not enough, and the Samson is just too conspicuous., good objective review too.. where might one obtain one of these? Have a great weekend Brian
  13. Its weird, and cant be the way its supposed to work .. I can get mine to re-connect like every 3-10 time I power both off, sequence makes no difference it seems... Works good once it reconnects ... I have a call into ML, had to leave vice mail .. Will report back once I get more info.
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