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  1. My biggest reason for not wanting to see 'control box apps' become a reality too fast is that I leave my phone at home when detecting or prospecting.. Not just to avoid calls but mainly to avoid any distraction.. I like being far outside the 'real world' when I concentrate on the ground beneath my feet.. Besides my metal detector, I don't really need any other assist tools or clever phone apps to do that.. If anything they take away from the experience.. For me, checking GPS positions, logging finds, taking pictures/video, calling friends whilst detecting or even looking up information right there and then, all take away from the moment of the hunt.. They don't make the joy of finding something valuable any more joyful.. If anything the suspense of waiting until you get home to look up information is a great thing in itself, instant gratification is not always what it's made out to be..         

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  2. Another Youtube channel worth a look is Vo-Gus Prospecting.. This dude is a good example of a prospecting enthusiast gone wild.. He uses everything from pans, sluices, crushers and detectors to get at the good stuff.. His enthusiasm is inspiring.. Unlike some wannabe prospectors with their own channels, Vo-Gus has been pumping out videos for years.. https://www.youtube.com/c/VoGusProspecting/videos   

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  3. Steve's post on the merging of metal detectors and smart phones inspired this extremely witty response.. I can see why someone could easily mistake their smart phone for a control box.. 😁 I guess for people glued to their phones all day, nothing much will change when a 'control box app' on our phones becomes a reality.. Can't say I'm looking forward to that day..


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  4. Not exactly a favourite (that's Goldhounds by a mile) but more of a 'love to hate' Youtube channel is Metal Detecting with PJ.. He's as mesmerizing as a snake.. If you're easily offended or politically correct or not an Australian yobbo you'll cringe at his take on metal detecting.. To his credit he does find some good stuff and his videos do feature some very weird and wild metal detecting enthusiasts.. Here's one of his least offensive creations.. 

    Screenshot 2022-07-30 151737.jpg

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  5. 39 minutes ago, Valens Legacy said:

    I would be contacting the local museums to see who would like to have it

    Great idea! I know a few of the ladies at the island's history museum, they've helped me out before with dating the gold jewellery I found at the 'silver mine'.. But although they would like to display them, I'm keeping any old stuff I find.. Until the descendant of the rightful owner comes along to claim them, it's 'finders keepers, losers weepers'.. 😁  

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  6. 7 hours ago, rvpopeye said:

    So that coin was "from the beginning of time" on your island !

    That's not counting the 7000 years that the Wulgurukaba (Canoe People) lived here.. Most were killed by the first settlers, not just by being shot but also through European diseases and being denied access to waterholes.. Those who survived were forced to live in a Catholic Mission on the nearby Palm Islands, along with many other Indigenous people rounded up from outback Queensland.. The first settlers were closely followed by goldminers, who also played their part in the genocide.. 

    Although the island is a dream place to detect old coins and relics, its history is shameful..       

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  7. On 7/7/2022 at 7:00 AM, cudamark said:

    I wouldn't mind seeing what each of them can do on the real deep and/or iffy targets. I don't want to paint any of them as second rate either, but, in some areas (especially ones that have been hammered over the years) finding good items on the fringe of detection is important.

    In my experience so far I've found that both the Equinox and Deus II lock onto the targets I'm after with 'solid' signals.. By this I mean that regardless of depth the target ID settles quickly on one number and tone, there's little jumping between them.. The target ID on crap like bottle tops and pull tabs nearly always jumps about whilst gold or silver rings (of any size) tend to quickly settle on one number and tone.. This has been the case with nearly every ring I've dug, I can usually tell it isn't crap because the hit is more 'solid' than an iffy signal.. This is highly subjective of course, but it's how I've learned to read both detectors..

    I'm even starting to figure out aluminium foil signals from those of gold rings, even though they nearly always fall within the same range.. If you swing your coil over the target from all directions (do a little dance around it) you can eventually work out what it is.. Here my famous 'solid signal' theory often falls on its arse with the foil giving off a more solid signal than the ring.. As you can tell, it's not an exact science yet.. I'll still dig for curiosity's sake or just to be sure I'm not leaving a ring behind..    

    Also, after a while you get a feel of what is crap and what is good just by looking at the land around you.. On a tropical beach this might not sound very relevant but I've found that working out the best tides, surf conditions, current strength or even erosion patterns can help decide the best places to hunt.. These observations are often contrary to the famous 'towel or bikini lines' where all the gold jewellery is supposed to be.. That's not to say that I don't hunt these lines, the bikini line is always a favourite..😁      

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  8. 4 hours ago, Scubapete said:

    if you push the plastic tube all the way into the aluminum tube, the aluminum messes with the coil and reduces performance drastically

    I've noticed this a few times, and usually end up sliding the plastic shaft out just far enough to stop the problem.. Or else I keep the shaft from laying flat on the coil, which can be done even if you're down on your stomach.. I fully agree that it's a design problem, but it's hard to see how to fix it without making the whole shaft even more wobbly.. Its wobbly shaft also makes it a pretty poor choice as a wading detector..  

    The aluminium of the shaft messing with the coil is also a problem when using the Equinox as a scuba detector, especially with large coils.. At least the Deus II shaft is not attached to the centre of the coil but a bit further back giving you a few more inches to shorten the plastic shaft.. This is one of the main reasons I'm diving again with a 11'' coil on the Equinox, I got sick off holding the shaft up and away from the back of the coil.. 

    Great review by the way, although I dive in tropical seas and don't have to muck about with dry suits or hoods I agree with many things you say about the Deus II as a scuba detector.. I also agree that the bone-phone's stiff long plastic cable is a massive pain in the arse, it gets caught on everything when diving..

    Many of your gripes were covered in one of my posts, where various other beach and scuba detectorists put in their thoughts as well.. 


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  9. 1 hour ago, F350Platinum said:

    Is this home in your history?

    Unfortunately not, although I've lived here for 12 years.. I moved here from Egypt (Sinai) when I got custody of my son, it seemed like a great place for a kid to grow up.. I still find some of his toys, and of the various kids who've lived here before.. 

    Just over the ridge in my backyard (the bright sunlight in the videos) lays Alma Bay.. This is my home bay.. Behind the houses across the street from my house is all National Park, as is the bush surrounding Arcadia village.. The bay and sea areas on the picture are either Marine Park or Green Zones.. All in all there's not much wriggle room to wave a detector about.. Still, I can go wild in my own backyard! 

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  10. Took the Deus II for an outing in my backyard to see if it could find anything that the Equinox left behind.. This is yesterday's haul.. I ended up running the thing in Park Mode as Relic Mode just about drove me nuts.. seems like every inch of backyard has some sort of metal in it.. Park worked well and the Deus sniffed out a few 'treasures'.. 

    My house is circled.. 





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  11. 18 hours ago, F350Platinum said:

    Also, is the 1912 penny a "Bertie"? Believe it or not I dug a 1907 here. 😀

    I did find a 'Bertie' a while ago at Geoffrey Bay.. I forgot all about it until you mentioned yours.. It's a 1903 'Bertie'.. It's not in as good a condition as yours but that's the big disadvantage of hunting along the coast.. Although I'm surprised at how great mine looks considering the amount of high tides it's been through before I found it.. 

    For some reason it appears silvery looking on the photo, in real life it's copper.. 

    Bertie -.jpg

    Bertie --.jpg

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  12. 2 hours ago, Chase Goldman said:


    That was indeed written with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.. I just couldn't resist.. I had a feeling it would probably get lost in translation.. people often don't get my sense of humour (sarcasm).. Of course I'll be using the Deus II to hunt my own backyard and you're spot on, now the yard is cleared it's time to unleash the Relic Monster.. 

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