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  1. Can't believe my luck.. he's also thrown in a set of gold pans and sieves.. didn't know Minelab made them too..
  2. Cost plays a big role here, the IP-iKing is around $120.. the video looks good BUT will this cheap 'knock-off' last as long as other scuba detectors made by better known brands?
  3. How does the PI-iKing compare to other scuba detectors? My son is forever dropping things from his yacht (including keys, phones, tools, fishing rods, spearguns etc).. Although he’s a good scuba diver and spear-fisherman, where his yacht is anchored at the mouth of a tidal river the visibility is always close to zero.. Although he’s had a couple of successful duck-dives, he’s found the best way to recover lost metallic items has been to attach a powerful Neodymium recovery magnet (pulling force of 68 kg) to a rope and trawling it behind his tender.. I must admit his ingenuity surprised me, he definitely doesn’t get that from me (just the butter-fingers).. But however good ‘magnet fishing’ turns out to be, he’d like a cheap waterproof detector to increase his recovery arsenal.. there’s no way that I’ll lend him my Equinox (it hasn’t even arrived yet).. but if he gets a PI-iKing I will borrow it for here on the island (could be just what I’m looking for to search under the jetty at Picnic Bay and shallow wrecks).. This thing is waterproof to -30 metres and runs at 20.28 kHz.. I’m not sure why they call it a Pulse Induction detector? Could that be true? Or do they add ‘PI’ to the label just to entice suckers like me?
  4. Dan, i was called a 'bloody scab' on my local beach.. is that the same as a 'looter'? as in preying on the misfortunes of others for your own benefit.. i did wonder if the gentleman (yobbo) who said this had lost the family jewels and was taking out his frustration on me.. don't think the golden rule of 'finders keepers' goes down too well with these folks..
  5. The first picture is at the old goldmine site at Hawkings Point.. Geof's awesome info puts it right where the creek flows onto the beach.. had another look this morning but no luck yet.. am sure that'll all change when the Equinox 600 arrives next year.. in the meantime, am keeping an eye out for 'fine gold' in quartz veins which has been reported for this site.. I did find a lead 'nugget' which send my heart racing when i dug it up.. the Chinese GBP indicated that i'd found the largest nugget i'd ever hope to find! the second picture shows a bit better what i mean.. i'm guessing its from a lump of lead thrown into a camp fire..
  6. Phrunt, i didn't want to mention it before but that bay is my home bay (Alma Bay in Arcadia).. i live on the headland you took the picture from..
  7. Phrunt, i've taken your invaluable advice and bought myself a Equinox 600 for xmas.. i got it off ebay for $650 together with a set of 4 gold pans and sieves.. i know this probably sends shivers down your spine but i don't think its a fake.. the seller is a bloke called Stuart from Sydney.. He says: Good condition Minelab Equinox 600 used twice and gold panning kit unused, both will come boxed, don't have the time to use them, feel free to make offers
  8. thankfully i can't even imagine saying this.. but next time a cranky tourist gets abusive, i'll be sure to ask him if he's got a gun.. if he does i'll stop arguing and leg it as fast as i can..
  9. mn90403, it thankfully hasn't come to that yet.. my only 'competitor' on the island usually sticks to his own bay and leaves all the others to me.. my main gripe with him is that he just won't fill his holes.. the first time i broached this sore point with him i told him i knew there was another coin-shooter on the beach because of the long line of deep holes he left.. he had a good laugh and said the high tide would fill them up again.. in my mind he's sorta right and wrong.. on our steep narrow beaches the high tide does refill any holes.. but what about in the meantime? like you say, he's not the only one on the beach.. anyway that's my little moan, just glad he's the only one to deal with here..
  10. Madtuna, i thought it would've been the go to pull into the property homestead first.. even if you have a 'golden ticket' to prospect.. it's sad to think that this isn't the norm anymore..
  11. Steve, afterwards i wanted to ask him if he'd lost some family heirloom, maybe that's why the reaction.. it was a first for me too.. mostly it's just as you say, i go very early in the morning and if i do encounter anyone they are usually just curios and happy that i've found something..
  12. Has anyone else been harassed whilst prospecting? Whilst trying my luck at my local beach this morning I was stopped by a tourist and his family wanting to know if I’d found anything.. after I told him ‘no luck yet’ he called me ‘a bloody scab’.. I was a bit surprised at his reaction and asked him why he thought so.. instead of answering he demanded to know what I did with all the gold rings I found.. I told him I’ve never found a gold ring in my life, only coins and a shitload of beer bottle tops.. it was only when he realised I live on the island that he backed off, leaving me a bit perturbed.. Has anyone else had a similar experience? This has also left me to wonder what I really would do if I found someone’s cherished jewellery.. I guess that I’d first try to find its owner.. maybe through the cops (lost property)? Or is ‘Finders Keepers’ the first rule of the game?
  13. The manufacturer deeply regrets to inform the global detector prospector community that the BastardXWave has been pulled off the market. Chinese industrial espionage together with dirty tactics by other manufactures to halt the development of XWave technology, has led to the last ever BastardXwave being sold to a little-known Australian company called Minelab Electronics (part of the Codan group). This company has reverse-engineered XWave technology and come up with a detector which far surpasses the BastardXWave: The Equinox 800. All they need to do now is bring back the lusty voice-assist girl and attach the Equinox to a drone; away we go!
  14. I hope this aerial photo shows a bit better what i was trying to explain.. you can see the beaches and the hilly granite landscape..
  15. Phrunt, this is what i've learned of the island's geology for a report i had to write for uni: The island was born 275 million years ago when volcanic forces pushed molten granite to the earth’s surface, overtime this volcanic rock shield weathered away creating a hilly landscape dominated by rounded granite domes and tors (the island’s highest point is Mount Cook, elevation 497 metres above sea-level). From my understanding the island is on the edge of a volcanic-rim system which stretches up the coast to Cairns.. The Chinese GBP's FeO readings are usually 1-2 bars on the beach.. (as you say this could be sand from the Coral Sea) but this changes dramatically once you go inland up creeks.. then it sits anywhere between 3-5 bars.. at the old goldmine sites in the hills it often goes even higher.. Thanks again for your advice..
  16. Mada, your post has sparked an interest in the Sea Hunter.. i was also thinking about upgrading to an Eq 600 (or maybe Eq 800).. I'm also near beaches and from reading Steve's post above they derive from volcanic material or other mineralized rocks.. trouble is, i'm also near old gold diggings and i wonder what the Sea Hunter would be like for gold.. it seems a relatively cheap way to get a hold of a PI detector.. i just saw one on the dreaded ebay for A$735.. although its probably a knock-off.
  17. Peter, that could the site at Hawkings Point (see the map above) although it would have been different there 30 years ago with no houses on the headland or a backpackers a few beaches down.. i only think it could be this site because you can land a tinny there, having done so a few times myself.. thanks again for your advice..
  18. Peter, thanks for sharing this story and your encouragement.. three of the 8 sites are in the National Park, although i'm not sure about the 2 on Butler's Creek which might now be included since National Parks expanded their boundary on the island.. i'm friends with the rangers and am sure they won't mind me having a looksee.. your mate sounds like the man to know.. don't suppose he told you exactly where the gold was 😁..
  19. Geof, i can't thank you enough for those map references and info.. i've now stood on the actual sites where some of these old goldmines were.. it's pretty bloody mind blowing.. I'll have to make it an early morning mission to have a look at the two sites along Butler's Creek, it's getting a bit hot to be about during the day.. the old goldmine site at Horseshoe Bay is now a row of houses.. I've talked to an old timer who remembers a pineapple plantation on that site and that the owners removed the mining equipment.. looks like i'll be searching in people's backyards on this particular site.. thanks again, it's a bit like playing detective..
  20. This morning's haul at 'XBase' beach on Magnetic Island. The good news is Matey hasn't been there yet! No sign of unfilled holes (he's a bit wild like that).. besides a load of lead sinkers, bottle tops and fish hooks, i found $31.70 worth of coins.. I think i might be getting a better feel for the Chinese Gold Bug Pro.. as long as it keeps going like this, i'll make back what bargain price i paid for it..
  21. Lacky, from what i can gather nobody ever laid claim to any of these goldmines.. this part of Australia's coast was only just being settled around that time.. as far as i can tell they are only known because they produced gold..
  22. Although the lat/long coordinates are wrong, where would you get this sort of detailed information? This is regarding the two known goldmines along Butler's Creek, named after Harry Butler who was the island's first settler (early 1870s)..
  23. Lacky, this is what Doug has done for me.. he's got access to some mining website which tells you about old goldmine sites in Australia.. I'm not sure where these sites are on the island.. I've been trying to find them on google but no luck, maybe they are on 'pay to view our gold maps' internet pages? I've been trying to work out exactly where these places are.. all i've got to work on is the google map below with the blue flags that he send me along with dodgy lat/long coordinates.. having said that, his blue flags do match historical records and pub gossip, especially the two goldmine sites along Butler's Creek and Chinaman Creek (which i'll have a look at over the next few days).. Happy days it's a small island and the known goldmine sites are scattered all around the place..
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