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  1. Deus II - Trying to find some deeper water at the end of Alma Bay.. Not one leak! At least it's one up on the Equinox at this stage..
  2. Deus II - First test dive on an old shipwreck at around 4 meters..
  3. I've just unboxed the Deus II WS6 MASTER.. It works.. It'll be a good back-up when the control box fails.. 😬
  4. I did try with some small gold rings and small silver coins.. I had the 15'' Coiltek with me to test how much deeper it could punch.. it took the lead by a lot.. 😁
  5. I checked all the target ID numbers of all the coins on this list, they're spot on in General Mode but in program 11 Beach they can vary slightly (especially a three-pence which rings in at 90) but never enough so you can't tell what it is.. The old silvers ring up loud and sharp in their ranges..
  6. The Deus II arrived this morning so I’ll give you a run down of the first testing day.. To be honest my first impression when I took the Deus II out of the box wasn’t good.. It looks like a kid’s toy.. I’m glad XP didn’t paint them red or yellow, I’d send it straight back.. Once I got over the shock of how light and toyish it feels I realised what a heavy beast the Equinox is, especially with a 13x15’’ or 15’’ coil.. The pistol grip is a winner, plus the Deus II is nicely balanced but that can’t be too hard if there’s hardly any weight to balance.. One initial thing that’s got me a bit spooked is the stand-by light on the coil.. It was already flashing when I opened the box and hasn’t turned off yet! Is this normal? I’d have thought it would turn off after a certain time to save the battery.. If this is not normal, how can I turn the bloody thing off? It keeps on blinking once every 4 seconds even when the control box (or Remote Control in XP speak) is turned off.. I’ve not tried smashing it against the wall yet, but I’m getting close.. Anyway, I worked out how to run it on program 11 Beach and headed down to (you guessed it) the beach.. I was keen to see how it compared to the Equinox so I whacked on an 11” coil for the occasion.. Whilst on the job, the first thing that struck me about the Deus II was that the display on the Remote Control is bullshit.. Far too much information for the beach (or anywhere else).. The target ID only flashes up when the detector has spotted something (it doesn't stay on the target display), the rest of the time it shows you a whole load of stuff which is not important.. I know it’s a different story for prospecting but do you really need to know that the coil is still attached? I do like the ferrous/non-ferrous indicators on the sides of the display, they seem to be pretty accurate.. I tend to listen to what the detector is telling me before checking the screen to confirm what I’m hearing.. With the Equinox the target ID is there for the world to see but with the Deus II the small numbers get lost amongst all the bullshit.. Even then, as soon as you’re not over the target anymore it jumps straight back to telling you what program you’re in (which you already know because you’ve just set it).. I’m also not too sure about the little white numbers on a black background, if XP had filled the whole screen with them it would’ve worked better.. I’m sure it’s a matter of getting used to it and blah, blah, blah but this stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. I realise it’s only cosmetic and what really matters is under the hood, but I’d have thought this was pretty basic stuff to get right.. Anyway, back to the beach.. I did the usual scenario of burying different things (coins, gold rings and other small jewellery) at different depths in dry and wet sand.. My first impression is that the Deus II is NOT better than the Equinox on the beach.. it’s not worse but it certainly isn’t any better.. I could find every target no matter how small or deep with both the Equinox and the Deus II.. This was both a relief and disappointment.. Relief that my Foxy Noxy hadn’t been knocked off its perch and disappointment that the huge amount of cash I paid for the Deus II didn’t buy me a whole lot of difference.. I knew this would be likely (and in my defence I did buy it as a scuba detector) but I did live in hope.. I know it’s early days yet.. I’m still running the Deus with the speakers on the Remote Control and haven’t tried the headphones yet (they’re still in the box).. Also I’m not used to the tones and am still mucking around trying to get them right.. Are the tone settings universal like the Equinox or do you have to set them each time you turn it on? I’m trying to get out of the 3 tone setting the Deus uses in program 11 to get it to 5 tones.. Does it remember your settings? I’m still figuring stuff out by pushing buttons, guess I’ll have to read the manual.. But even if I get this all sorted, I don’t think that on my beaches the Deus II will outshine the Equinox.. Underwater is a different story.. I’ll be taking it for a dive tomorrow (I was going to take it today but old matey took so long to fill my tank, only just got it back).. So I’ll keep you posted on how my new Nox-Lite performs in the drink..
  7. Hopefully the Deus II arrives today.. These are my expectations: I’ve been using a PulseDive with a 8” coil for deeper dives but searching long stretches of seafloor is very time consuming, especially with a ‘dig it all’ detector which doesn’t punch very deep.. The 11” coil on the Deus II will be a bonus in deep water but I’m going to miss the Equinox with its larger coils in shallow water.. I’m sweeping the seafloor, not creek beds.. XP shows a 11x13’’ coil in the manual but I don’t think it’s on the market yet.. This coil will fill the gap a bit, but not by much.. I hope XP will make larger coils for the Deus II.. No need to go too wild (over 20’’) but a 15’’ coil would be a welcome addition.. A fully submersible coil similar to the Equinox’s 13x15’’ will also sway other sea hunters towards XP over Minelab.. Going by the manual and test reports by Calabash, the Deus II will stay waterproof deeper and longer than the Equinox.. I’m not saying I never expect it to leak (even with its whopping 20 metre depth rating), rather the likelihood of it leaking is far less.. This also reduces the worry about taking the detector deeper than its limit.. Right now I’ve got a depth gauge tied to the control box of the Equinox to make sure I don’t drop below 3 metres.. I’m sure it can go a bit deeper but I’ve never taken the risk.. I hope the Deus II takes away the ‘pain in the arse’ factor of forever worrying about leaks.. Having said that, I never treat the Equinox with kit gloves.. It works hard underwater and never leaked (even since I ‘broke the seal’ to replace the battery).. It’s just that I won’t have to worry about the Deus II leaking at 12 to 18 metres, the deepest parts of my search areas in bays or around old ship wrecks.. The manual says the screen can crack at 35 metres, so beyond that depth I’ll whip out the mighty PulseDive.. With the Equinox, I have to use sensitivity settings below 20 to stabilise it in seawater, otherwise it buzzes like mad and the target ID constantly jumps between 2-3-4-5 (especially with big coils).. I’ve used the 11” inch coil which is a bit more stable with the sensitivity on 18 or even 19.. But I hate lowering the sensitivity, when I get down to 15-16-17 to stabilise the Equinox underwater I start to worry about all the gold rings I’m missing, especially the small stuff.. At these lower sensitivity settings it’s also harder to get a solid hit on small targets - the target IDs become erratic or are drowned out by seawater static.. This is where the Deus II’s salt sensitivity settings (adjustable from 1 to 9) can make a difference.. I hope that by adjusting the salt sensitivity settings (only available in the diving and beach programs), the Deus II will be better than the Equinox at removing the false signals caused by seawater.. If the Deus II also runs more stable and hits hard on targets without jumping about too wildly, I’ll be a very happy diver! I also want to see if the multi-frequency ranges in program 11 - Beach work as good as promised in seawater.. From what I can make out, in this program the range of available frequencies are 4.08 to 4.76 kHz - 6.94 to 8.08 kHz - 10.39 to 15.15 kHz - 15.62 to 20.75 kHz - 22.06 to 28.57 kHz (topping out at 24 kHz) compared to the Equinox’s multi-frequency beach modes using 5, 10 and 15 kHz.. According to the manual, program 11 - Beach can also be used for diving.. If the detector is hard to stabilise or becomes less sensitive to small deep targets, I can switch to program 10 - Diving (with multi-frequency ranges up to 14 kHz).. The manual says that ‘’unlike some multi-frequency detectors that offer fixed multi-frequencies, the Deus II uses different high and low frequency combinations depending on the programs… These frequencies can then be subtracted to remove electrically-conductive soils or added together to help locate a wider range of targets’’.. I hope that the ‘Conductive Soil Subtraction’ in the diving and beach programs will give the Deus II another edge over the Equinox in seawater.. From what I can gather so far, the Deus II is not just a good all-rounder.. XP also has its multi-frequency in mind for the ocean, more so than Minelab throwing divers a bone with the Equinox.. Minelab did a great job with its PI scuba detector, the Excalibur, but I’ve got a feeling the Deus II will finally wipe out its already small share of the pie - especially with accurate target IDs and comparable coil depths.. Maybe the Equinox 1000 will be waterproof to 80 metres and feature salt settings or remove false seawater signals, but until it’s released I’m more than willing to jump ship to XP for a detector that’ll get the job done around the island.. And if it also turns out to be a capable nugget hunter, I’ll be doing even more back-flips with joy!
  8. Thanks for your knowledgeable posts Ghostlight.. I've just bought the Deus 2 as a scuba detector to replace the Equinox.. I've never had the Equinox leak but I never trusted it to stay waterproof for long.. also the constant dread that one day the thing is sure to leak.. In shallow water down to 5 metres I'll happily plod away for 2 hours with my PulseDive (on a 12 litre tank), but there's no way I'd ever use an Equinox underwater for that long (or deeper than 3 metres).. Although I'm yet to take the Deus 2 for a dive (it should be here by Friday) it does seem far more waterproof for longer than the Equinox or even the Legend - Is anyone using a Legend as their main scuba detector? Has the Legend been released yet? Sorry about my ignorance but I've been consumed by all things XP.. Backing up their claim that the Deus 2 is waterproof to 20 metres with a 5 year warranty has won me over.. It'll open up much deeper waters and places.. I'm keen to take it for a dive near old jetties and shipwrecks around the island as well as deeper in the bays.. Even the Deus 2 manual shows they've tested the detector at depth, it says the screen on the control box could crack at 35 metres or that at depths greater than 20 metres you may notice the water pressure compressing the LCD.. I'm also trying to find out about just using the control box speakers (without headphones).. Is it loud and clear underwater? Is anyone diving with the Deus 2 using just the speakers? or are the bone-conduction head phones the way forward.. If I can hear the speakers underwater (I wear hearing aids) I don't think I'd use headphones, for the same reason I never wear headphones on land.. My hearing aids pick up the nuances in sound from the speakers very nicely and wearing headphones doesn't improve it.. If i can hear the Deus 2 speakers underwater that would be a bonus.. Thanks again for your posts, and everyone else.. I realise I'm playing catch-up here and I'm very thankful for your knowledge.. 😃
  9. Thanks Dogodog.. unfortunately there was no 'rest of the money'.. I sold the GPX for the price of a Deus.. I took a bit of a hit so the shark cage will have to wait.. The sharks are not too bad although the next island up from us is a tiger shark breeding ground.. not to mention the salt water crocks.. but they're all part of the show and it's amazing what you get used to.. And you're dead right about more spots opening up.. I've gone back to tanks instead of the hookah idea and was looking for a good scuba detector.. the timing with the Deus 2 just felt right, hope it all works out.. 😁
  10. Just reading the Deus 2 manual, had to laugh at this warning for diving deeper than 20 metres.. 😃 At a depth greater than 20 m, the screen may darken slightly in the centre due to the pressure exerted by the glass on the crystals. This can be reversed when ascending. However, the screen can break at a depth of about 35 m/115 ft, so be careful.
  11. Thanks, I've got a good feeling about the whole deal.. 😁
  12. I met him at the ferry terminal in Townsville.. he just handed me a bundle of cash, I deposited it at my bank on the mainland, went online at a mate's place and ordered the Deus! am back on the island now.. probably doesn't sound like much but it's always a bit of a mission when wheeling and dealing from here.. I'll start posting first impressions etc.. and also how it performs underwater.. 😃
  13. This morning I sold my GPX 5000 to a prospector who lives 3 hours away.. he was willing to make the 6 hour return trip for the price I asked for it.. I wasn't using it enough to justify its existence.. I was after a scuba detector and was looking at a secondhand Sea Hunter but when I saw the Deus 2 is now available in Australia (Detect-Ed) I ordered one straight away.. They said they would send it express post and I'll have it in my hand by the end of the week.. So today has been a bit sad for saying goodbye to the GPX but also looking forward to being able to dive with a (hopefully) reliable detector.. 😁 The Deus 2 will be another world altogether but that's always good..
  14. What you're saying here applies to Equinox update 3.0.. According to Minelab adding 4 kHz to the single frequencies "enhances the detection of large deep targets, particularly those found in parts of Asia".. I'm not sure why Minelab focuses on Asia, but it does reinforce their message that lower frequencies are for larger stuff.. Like you said: "It's all about size".. This does have me thinking about update 4.0.. if we ever get one.. maybe they'll go for a higher frequency next time? say 45 kHz for small shallow targets to bring the Equinox inline with the Gold Monster.. now that would be good.. I'd definitely get that update.. Thanks Steve for always explaining this stuff so well..
  15. It is a bit of a dilemma.. Even though I sterilised them with boiling water as soon as I got home, I won't be drinking from them.. I even washed my hands after handling them.. This might seem a bit over the top but since my son caught Covid I've been extra careful.. Strange days indeed.. 😳
  16. Sadly it was empty.. probably why they lost it.. 😳
  17. Although I didn't find these flasks with a metal detector, I did find them whilst metal detecting.. So I'm claiming them as part as my hoard! 😁
  18. I've got one of these.. very well made.. they are available on ebay but I'm not sure if they'll post it to Thailand.. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334229364095?hash=item4dd19f5d7f:g:qoIAAOSwvwVe1Y5G
  19. Although I do believe climate change is a threat (I completed a Master of Sustainability and Climate Policy at university) this post was written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.. Like Steve I also started thinking about the possible benefits of climate change when a huge fire ripped through a nearby prospecting area.. For those who thought I was getting all political about the subject, I can only apologise.. Maybe my extremely witty sense of humour went straight over their head.. or got lost in translation somehow.. 😁
  20. I posted some movies yesterday, maybe they're more your cup of tea?
  21. I've found some movies featuring our great way of life.. some take the piss, some are downright porn and others are real tear jerkers.. all are cinematography at its finest.. Enjoy! 😁
  22. Thanks for your suggestion Cudamark.. but judging by the huge pubic response to Magnetic Island Ring and Jewellery Recovery, I think that soon Ring Finders will be begging to join my global enterprise.. I might even give them a 5% discount on the joining fee.. 😁 https://www.facebook.com/Magnetic-Island-Ring-and-Jewellery-Recovery-104572658783572/
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