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  1. I think that for each IC A special number depends on the amount of voltage and the circuit in general as well The diode has a special number
  2. Thank you all, thank you very much. Valuable and useful information. I will use these tips. Thank you for the illustrations
  3. Thank you for this information. If it is not useful to me, it may help others. I appreciate your advice But all cables and connections have been changed and made sure that they are intact Thank you again
  4. Thank you. Thank you for these replies and tips. The battery works well. I tested it on another detector. The sound is clear and strong. I am still waiting for the help of the experimenters and experts.
  5. Warm greetings to all members Can you help me what is the cause of the buzzing sound or the buzzing OR wheezing? The continuous overtime is similar to the smuggling of electricity in Minelab Detector This resulted in distortion Or the lack of clarity of the signal threshold Target signals are not strong Tried another battery and the headphone connections are fine and the noise is still going on I would like to thank everyone in this wonderful forum, which has become a source of valuable information and we do not dispense with your advice and experiences
  6. thank you for the advice You are a teacher, mentor and mentor Sorry for repeating the question, forgive me
  7. Dear brothers, I did not find any clear review comments regarding the Minelab GPX 6000 detector My question is, has anyone tried the GPX 6000 and it turns out that it is able to find more gold better than others?
  8. Thank you For the advise And respond I tried Double D coil and cancel mode There was a significant loss of depth and sensitivity It was not helpful Does anyone know Detector It can work in these conditions Tell me the name of the detector and me I will buy it
  9. I have a question please help me I found a site containing gold nuggets, and the problem is that it is next to a microwave or radar tower The detector is very noisy, as if the whole earth is aluminum cans with GPX 5000 and Double D coils and Z7000 no pilot, and our choice was to use the gold monster What is the solution? Is there a detector that provides better depth than the monster and can work in these conditions I hope who found an actual solution Heuristic Thank you all I thank Good forum
  10. I think it will not provide anything because the stains and gold-producing lands have been cleaned by the giant pocket X-series gold detectors. As well as the Gold Monster 1000, as well as the legendary device GBZ 7000, if the Minelab 6000 detector does not exceed the previous one in terms of depth and sensitivity, it will not offer anything new Question: Are there people still finding gold in the spots produced in the United States or in Australia? We in Saudi Arabia go to well-known gold sites and we find only a few grams.
  11. Regarding the video in which the Minelab 6000 detector appeared, he speaks Arabic and everyone talks about what he says well Are the Arabs getting the technology before other peoples? Haha, it's a joke, my friends! This person is Hussain Al-Bayati, the exclusive and official agent of the Main Lab in the Middle East, specifically Dubai. He spoke about broad lines around the GPX 6000 detector. The headphone works with bluetooth And also there is a cable entrance to the headphone He mentioned that the device works on any bluetooth headphone It was mentioned that there is an external amplifier for the coils, they are two Carousel size 11 And an oval size 17 by 12 and I think it's mono He also said that there are numbers that are automatic between sensitivity and the ground balance, as in the gold monster He said that he personally found a gold nugget in the GPX 6000 detector, and this can only be found using the gold monster, but the new detector was able to find it and it was not deep And I have tried exploration, no matter how powerful the device will not make the earth produce gold Also, digging for gold nuggets and carrying a gold detector between valleys and mountains to search for money It will not achieve what you want because those who preceded you took what was available, which was attended by minerals And not always I remember 3 years ago that my friend told me that he extracted nuggets totaling 3000 grams and sent me a picture of it, but it is rare cases. I have come to that place that carries gold I found deep pits with a coil size of Z7000 And I found a friend of Abu Laila among them But what I got was 420 grams, and it was the only deal that was useful And then a year passed I only found a few grams of gold Then I retired from this field Which occupied my thinking and dominated my mind.
  12. I did not find gold. I took these pictures for several locations What I want is to ask these sites through pictures It may contain Gold or is there a possibility of gold?
  13. هذه الصور هي لعدة مواقع في أي صور قد تكون شذرات الذهب موجودة
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