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  1. I did not find gold. I took these pictures for several locations What I want is to ask these sites through pictures It may contain Gold or is there a possibility of gold?
  2. هذه الصور هي لعدة مواقع في أي صور قد تكون شذرات الذهب موجودة
  3. Thank you all Enough answer I wished to be among you And with you Warm greetings
  4. what is the best Coil use gpx4500 for Small nuggets weighing 0.2 g or 0.4 g Elite or N Finder Nuggets And circular or elliptical shape
  5. Thanks Good suggestion We will do it I will tell you later
  6. Another possibility We may choose x- coil round, 12 or 10 round, In order for the cost to be lower how much is it x- coil round, 12 or 10 round, I like this coil Is there a difference between him and Minelab 14
  7. please Do a coil cable 14 gpz7000 Enough To make a correction x-coil I want to ask you, you are an expert and a professor What are the additions or steps Must be done in order to get To more depth For each of the detector gpz7000 and gpx5000
  8. Thank you for dealing well Thank you for the answer Sorry it seems expensive and I don't need 14 coils I have one I will look for a coil cable that I may find damaged or broken and the cable will be intact
  9. Thank you for your quick response I am happy to deal with you I am in Saudi Arabia I have a transfer broker in Australia and elsewhere But patch cable do not know how it is I watched video and photos And I have no skill Welding of joints and wire No one is doing this I want a ready patch cable How much size is better than coil and how much price
  10. Looks like rock The detector makes a strong sound The magnet is not attracted Melts by heating like lead
  11. My brothers members in this wonderful forum Can you tell me where to buy X-Coils gpz7000 As well as patch cable gpz7000 They are better than coils 14
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