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  1. Thank you everyone for your knowledge and reassurance. With all the choices the GPX 5000 already gives me I am very glad I don’t have an extra dozen to contend with! Although, could have had it’s uses....OK, I’m stopping right there! Thanks again 👍
  2. Hi, Just after some clarification re the Soil/Timings switch please. Should I be able to access the Special menu on the rear LCD panel from all three Soil/Timings switch positions (Special, Normal and Enhance)? I was under the impression that access to the Special menu is, or should normally be, locked out when the front Soil/Timing switch is set to Normal or Enhance and only opens when the front switch is set to Special. I only noticed after returning from my last prospecting trip that I have access to the Special menu from all 3 front switch settings. That gives me 3 versions of Sensitive Smooth, and 3 of each of all the rest. 18 different choices that are distinctly different in sensitivity, tone loudness and target response (hi/low, low/hi) Reassurance please. Thanks!
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