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  1. Hey Monte, I'm in Aurora. A lot of farms out here and already have 1 permission. Heading to the coast for the weekend next month and of course will be taking the Simplex along. I think come spring/summer I may head to one of Oregon's ghost towns but not sure exactly which yet. In May I'm going on a 2 week road trip down to Neveda, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Colorado and such...will have my Simplex, Autel Evo and my Rad Power Bike and I'm pretty sure a perma-grin.
  2. Thank you so much Brushcreek! I Googled and couldn't find anything. I didn't think about going back and looking at the changes they made to each firmware version. All the videos I watched must have been using older firmware plus the manuals have not been updated so I was stumped. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all...new to forum as I am also new to metal detecting. Just received my Simplex, going over the settings and I noticed something that I hope other owners can help me with. In the manual it says there are 5 Frequency Shift settings, F1 thru F5. In every YouTube video I've watched, that shows the settings of the Simplex, I've seen these 5 "F" settings. But on mine I have just 3 (F1, F2 & F3). Does anyone know why mine is just showing 3? Yes I've updated the firmware and running v2.68. Note: it was also showing just 3 Frequency Shift setting options before I updated the firmware from v2.6
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