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  1. Thanks for the reply Excellent. I like your long winded explainations Thx
  2. Question Phrunt You may have explained this already Where do all your X Coils now fit in 10" Patch clearing 15"x10" ?? Patch finding 17"x10" patch finder 12" standard everyday coil By the look of your posts coils size isn't an issue with x coil. All are seeing the same gold in air tests. You seem to be the only one with a set, to do a good ground test with buried targets. Other than resellers
  3. My 15x10 arrived a few days ago. Haven t had a chance to use it yet. To much rain here
  4. Wont be dry washing there then🤐
  5. What you found is the detectable gold. Dry washing those concentrated areas could pay well.
  6. The 10" and 12" coils with 7000 feature heavily in the photos. Can t wait to get my QED over there. Just need to decide on what coil
  7. Here is a bloke doing the air test on the Equinox. This is the test as explained Th test can be conducted on each x coil small the large
  8. Northeast test is just an air test on a table with a ruler under the coil. Select coil factory reset QED and wave target in front of coil to work out max distance of a good dig signal and distance of maybe dig. You just end up with a table for the coil of distances for each target in cm. Once done at factory default you could do the same for what you class as optimum settings for that coil.
  9. G'Day All I see how a comparison Is going to be difficult. I suppose there are enough other comparison to show us the capability of coiltek etc. With all the talk I have no doubt that x coils out perform equivalent coils. The problem for me and I suppose others is where do these coils fit into or current arsenal. The description on the QED website is quite generic. $650 AUD is a choice that has to be as correct as possible. Couple of these coils and we are getting up into the realms of maybe I should have bought a second hand ML. (NArrhhh Aussie all the Way QED💪 QED💪 QED) Even a comparison of x coils against themselves; from smallest to largest. Using a variety of small to large targets at different depth. To see where one coils starts and finishes and the next picks up/Overlap. We could all then see which coil fits into our current coils to fill a specific gap or capability. or Sorry to hear about your back phrunt. You seem to have to largest collection of x coils other than davgold Northeast's air test of the 5c, 20c ,50c seems to be quite consistent across QED and coils. Coins could be replaced with different size gold or do both. Even this test of x coils smallest to largest at QED default or optimum settings (or both) for each coil could show some sort of start and finish\Overlap\Maximum depth distance. Different gold sizes will show what each coil can and cannot see. This test means no hole digging, done on a table, simple to setup and film.
  10. Been a lot of chat about x coil for ML. I would like to see or read a good comparison on the X coil vs the rest on a QED. I am going on a trip to Western Australia in June, so I need a larger mid range coil. I have received advice that the 14" Coiltek is the coil of choice. All the talk is about x coil, but there hasn't been any real comparison posted. I was thinking 15"x10" x coil could be a contender, but lack of comparison or direct info makes it hard to make a choice. Correct me if I am wrong 8" Sadie = Small targets at shallow depth Low ground coverage 11" Detech Ultra = Small targets a little more depth bit better ground coverage 14" Coiltek = More depth start to loose smaller targets better ground coverage 15" x 10" = ??
  11. I received my new QED and Detech coil and went straight to Durikai for a swing. Found Buttons Lead Shot Boot tacks Other Metal Settings MG 242 B 49 A 45-65 G 4-6 M 4 All finds where in the same area covered by previous QED where I found nothing Hot rocks where a problem here. Target signal would be in a single spot, but when dug the signal spread across all dug dirt. EMI I think was why I had to run mode 4. 3 was a bit noisy. 4 was Quiet. Deepest about 19cm that was for a little brass button. 5cent on air test was 19cm also 20cent is weird also least distance on air test. Must be made of different stuff 50cent 19.5cm Started to rain while I was out. Straight away I wanted a waterproof cover. Definitely needs a dust cover One point though I ran the sadie for a bit my MG was at 300 got away with 296 very hot area Very Happy with detector Again Great Service provided I am off and running
  12. Here are the pieces I found last week Same bits scratched up plus a piece I found a while ago same area
  13. I found a couple of these at Durikai last week. Mine where smaller.
  14. New 8000 means🤣 7000 will be cheap.😂
  15. What depth you getting 15"x10" x-coil generally. What would be the best coil on the QED thinking ahead for WA trip later in year. Still saving up
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