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  1. G'Day All I got my QED back yesterday, so today I took it out for a test, before hitting the Gold Fields. My QED required a custom tune to filter EMI. My default setting for SMR is now 109 where all other QED has a default of 107. I also got the latest Firmware update that lows the required number for GB and negates the need to GB after a Mode change. I rang Brian who as always was more than willing to pass on as much info as he could. He explained the reason for the firmware update. As spoken about by other QED Users with the previous Firmware 220 or above was required to GB. Brian did not like the fact that the GB number was so close to Maximum. So the new Firmware put GB lower. So my settings before the tune up at the same location: Sadie Coil GB : 225 THS-B: 55 THS-A: 30 Gain: No higher than 2 before detector became unstable Mode: 1 SMR: 107 After Tune-up & Firmware: Sadie Coil GB: 110 THS-B: 52 THS-A 65 Gain: Depended on THS-A setting. THS-A at default Gain of 10 no problems. THS-A at 65 Gain 6 no problems which is optimum for depth. Mode: 1 SMR : Custom Default of 109 My QED is now firing on all cylinders. On my best settings I was getting approx. 700mm above a bottle top on the surface of the ground. Again my thanks to Brian and Howard for their prompt diagnosis and tuneup. NO better customer service anywhere. Cheers
  2. G'Day All Quick update to my Setup problems. After an on the phone lesson with Goldman. I sent my box back for testing. Bench test found my SMR was not filtering EMI at factory Default of 107 so been changed to 109. Bonus for the trip was the latest Firmware updated which has made changes to GB. Box in on the way back to me now. This is one of the great advantages of the QED EXCELLENT customer service, with fast turnaround on diagnostics. LOVE your work ! Any of the other major detectors and I would not have seen my detector for weeks !
  3. G'Day All Had a phone session with Goldman. Having my control box checked out Cheers
  4. G'Day All Today I went and found an old mine. No Luck today Todays Settings MGB: 214 THS-B 48 THS-A 001 Gain 6 Mode 3 THS-A at 001 was the point where the detector was at its most stable with gain on 6. QED still was most stable at Gain of 2 Cheers Still a lot of intermittent noise, basically all the time
  5. Thx Northeast. Excellent Video. As you said a different take on setup again. MGB. Confirmed needs to be above 200 THS-B. You use it to create the tone I was with THS-A. Then clean it up with THS-A THS-A. My THS-A is to high as confirmed by you and phrunt. Mode. Is a bit of a mystery still. Some like it as low as possible. Others say it is coil dependent for stability. I will be sticking to 3-4 for detech coil. Mode 11 is for beach which turns off Ground Balance. So with modes 1 to 10 are we playing ? What Gain. Higher gain better the signal or are we just playing with volume I am asking a lot of questions of everyone. I just like to know what I am actually adjusting. I taken many notes to everyone's setup. Now I need to put the time in the field. Thank you all very much for your tuition. I will be continuing to put my experiences in the thread
  6. Thx for the feedback. More testing and swinging to be done.
  7. After I do my initial setup as talked about above I off camera apply all the advice I have received on this AEGPF and Detector Prospector So the end setup was reached by 1. Factory Reset 2. MGB - Changed from default to 220 as a start point - Not balance yet though. 3. Mode - Set to 3 4. THS-B - Set to Null 5.THS-A - Set to highest I can get until I hear a soft tone 6. Gain - Set to 6 7. Adjust THS-B and THS-A to stop noise created by Gain at 6 8. Lower THS-B couple clicks below Null for enhance small target response. I think this setup still requires some tuning. Time in the field swinging is required. I need to carry a test piece of lead to confirm my setup at each location. Video https://youtu.be/dL2Z8-29G_k Spielberg I am not
  8. Do you recommend the 15"x10" or the 12"x6" for QED ? Compared to 11" Detech Ultra Sensing which I already have
  9. I will have a play around tomorrow and let you know how it goes Cheers
  10. Thx for that. I see you start at the lower end of THS-B and mover it higher to compensate for other adjustments. Your use of mode 11 is very interesting. I will take some notes and try your method next time out. Thx again
  11. When I set the THS-B I raise it until I got a tone at 60. I then lowered THS-B to a tone at 40. So NULL is 50. I can then raise or lower from null to increase sensitivity to small or large targets
  12. G'All Had a chance today to test the setup given to me by Goldman. Went to a local creek known for its old mines for a swing. Car parts old very rusty tools. Panned a couple bits of yellow I could just see. QED Setup - I followed the setup suggested by Goldman on AEGPF Factory Reset Set mode to 4 Set THS- B to NULL - I could not get anything Lower than 50 for NULL Setting Gain to 6 - This setting just made the the Detector make continual noise - No matter what I did to other settings the noise remained - Again Gain at 2 for a stable machine, Could not get Gain to be stable at 4 as suggested as minimum level. MGB was very difficult. The Default of 150 was quiet and stable. I just turned to MGB up to 200 and was still stable. Turned it down to 100 and still stable and Quiet. SO I left it at default. - I don't know the effect of to high or low of MGB THS-A I turned it up to 65/70 detector was screaming so turned it down Hit 40 so started whole process again on a higher MODE. Setting a higher MODE just made the Detector unstable so turned it down to 3 and THS-A was raised to 60 and reduced to 58 to which was to point of a just audible tone Tried suggested setup multiple times. Ended up back at my original Setup sequence to achieve a quiet stable machine.. Still had the issue of random detector noise High and low tones. None repeatable. Deepest target today was 100mm rusty metal piece. I cannot do any testing at my home just to much EMI. I have made some test targets .2g, .4g, 1g and 2g. I will have to go somewhere and run some tests. I will try to Video my setup with the external speaker. I am not keen on putting it on YouTube is there another way a video can be viewed for review and feedback via the forum
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