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  1. Another great find there! Keep the excellent content with pics coming! Was looking for my old 80's crevice tool, but my x wife took it. Where did you get that sweet hooked blade crevice tool? I am guessing you made that one yourself? P.S.
  2. Well.....that was alot of fun! Kinda reminds me of the old days. Nicely done and film it at the same time. P.S.
  3. I definitely get what you are saying there and thanks for the input from everyone. Instead of starting a new thread, I will clear this up now. Sorry for not being more concise in the beginning, but wasn't prepared for the "explosion". 🎆 My main goal is Gold nuggets. I will be hunting in the Hope Arizona and surrounding areas for 120 days, inside and around deep mine shafts as well as tailings and swirled washes in highly mineralized and trashy conditions. Budget is capped at $600.00, sadly not enough wiggle room for the GM 24K. Seems like each time I pull the trigger on anything
  4. 1st of all, a big thank you goes out to all who responded to my starting post, taking so much time to research this minor but perplexing issue with the GB P. Being a newbie on any forum site can be sometimes a bit intimidating pertaining to certain subject matter. Honestly I am not terribly surprised by the genuine and warm welcome from your group. There just seems to be something about "Detectorists" that is more relaxed and easy going than some other subjects. In my estimation it is generally due to the nature of the hobby or sometimes venture itself. I guess our pace is somewhat slower and
  5. Howdy from Montana Newbie, I am in the market for a GB Pro. Going to Arizona and escape these brutal Montana winters for 4 months. Have a buddy down there who is a snow bird also. He explores abandoned mine shafts and old mining operations. Figured I might as well swing a detector while exploring the area. Amazon had a GB Pro 5" coil as "used with box damaged" for $470.00. I decided to pull the trigger and see what was in the box. The unit looked good...but...I could only find the single 1/4" headphone jack, need the 3.5mm jack for the headphones I am going to use. The manual stated this
  6. Like your work there. We forgive you. Just wondering as a newbie.."lurking"...if you have ever poked around Virginia City Montana gold belt?
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