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  1. Thank you for the info. Much appreciated. I just found out one of the guys I fly RC planes with is also into prospecting with his son. He said there was a club in Bakersfield they planned to join so I will look into that one too. Thanks again.
  2. Hi everyone I joined this website a few weeks ago and finally decided to chime in. When I retired 6 years ago I was thinking what I wanted to do in retirement. I already flew RC airplanes so I thought metal detecting would be fun. I bought a Whites Prism and used it for awhile but I was going out by myself and it was kinda boring. When I fly my planes there are a bunch of old retired guys and we fly for 5 minutes and talk for an hour. Anyways my wife for some reason has gotten the bug to hunt for gold. We recently took a trip to Sonora, CA where we used to camp a lot and that really got her fired up as this is gold country. So I bought the Whites Goldmaster 24k and I found a prospecting club in Clovis, CA which we are going to join and I have been doing a lot of research of old and current gold claims in the Sierra's close to us. So that being said at some point I will post our adventures. Even if we never find gold at least we will be stomping around the beautiful Sierra's.
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