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  1. Thanks for the replies Steve and Jim. You both provided great info.
  2. I recently purchased the Goldmaster 24k. In preparation for my first outing I made a test bed of different materials in my back yard. I also printed of the Conductive Order of Metals which was set up based on the Whites Spectrum XLT. So my test bed consisted of a nail, pulltab, penny, nickle, dime, quarter, gold ring. After setting up my detector based on Whites quick start guide I did my testing. Here are the visual target id results. I wanted to compare them to the Conductive Order of Metals GMT 24k reading. nail 39 pulltab 91 penny 95 nickle 89 dime 97. quarter 98 gold wedding ring 94 Conductive Order of Metals nail 0 pulltab 35 penny 56 nickle 28 dime 70 quarter 82 gold wedding ring 40 As you can not even close. So am I wrong in thinking the GMT 24k should follow the Conductive Order of Metals listing? Is there some other listing I should be looking at or is there no corelation at all? Thanks for any help.
  3. Thank you for the info. Much appreciated. I just found out one of the guys I fly RC planes with is also into prospecting with his son. He said there was a club in Bakersfield they planned to join so I will look into that one too. Thanks again.
  4. Hi everyone I joined this website a few weeks ago and finally decided to chime in. When I retired 6 years ago I was thinking what I wanted to do in retirement. I already flew RC airplanes so I thought metal detecting would be fun. I bought a Whites Prism and used it for awhile but I was going out by myself and it was kinda boring. When I fly my planes there are a bunch of old retired guys and we fly for 5 minutes and talk for an hour. Anyways my wife for some reason has gotten the bug to hunt for gold. We recently took a trip to Sonora, CA where we used to camp a lot and that really got her fired up as this is gold country. So I bought the Whites Goldmaster 24k and I found a prospecting club in Clovis, CA which we are going to join and I have been doing a lot of research of old and current gold claims in the Sierra's close to us. So that being said at some point I will post our adventures. Even if we never find gold at least we will be stomping around the beautiful Sierra's.
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