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  1. I’ve been running 5 tones for a good while. Park 2. I still keep digging nails. Nails all the way around the target. When did that new update come about F2 bias?
  2. I’m in Kentucky. Highly mineralized ground. Full of square nails and horseshoes. What is everyones go to to hide the iron. I feel like I can’t get it to lock on? Why 50 tones over 5? Coming from at pro. Numbers have me messed up as I tried to pay attention to both Vdi and tone. I mainly hunt fields and some house sites. If u were to choose one setup from top to bottom what would it be. Deepest I’ve dug a bullets is 10 inches with the nox. Beach settings. For the future. Lol?
  3. Calabash digger. Perfect example. Owned the Nox 800 for a year. Revisiting my old sites with it. AT Pro missing some confederate Gardners at 9-10 inches. I still haven’t mastered it. Up here in Kentucky it’s mineralized a lot. vapordxt@yahoo.com. Contact me. I have a few questions for you.
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