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  1. Why isn't this new model called "Deus Deuce" ??? 🙂
  2. Ex-girlfriend claimed amber 'feels warmer' than plastic. Touch the stone part to the inside of your wrist. Kind of a rich hippie chick that collected minerals. She had an aquarium filled with amber necklaces from the flea market...
  3. Thanks for putting this up! The text and the pictures are entertaining and informative. Looks like quite a variety of rock types on the surface. Are they predominantly of volcanic/igneous origin in that area?
  4. Interesting markings. Looks like a cross between an old city/settlement map and megalithic leys. Hope someone on here knows. Did you do an image search?
  5. There are some pretty good resources online regarding meteorites. Do you know any professors over at Milsaps? Or maybe up at Oxford? Somebody who studies this stuff might grind off a corner to have a peep inside. (I'm no expert, but that looks a bit like slag in these pix.) Good luck! Pretty cool find.
  6. Any marks inside this 2.5g ring (with all the stones on it)?
  7. Yeah, these better, newer pix make it look like turquoise. Initial shots had something like an iridescent luster to them (scratches?). Now that she's seen the hallmark in that ring, she says she doesn't recognize the maker— sorry. (At least she guessed right on the cuff... Haha) Me—I know absolutely nothing about jewelry. I won't even wear a wedding band!
  8. Yeah, I think you are right, GB. Potting soil is probably too unlike normal detecting conditions. I seem to remember something about it containing coal dust to make it darker, which might add another complexity to using it. My initial thought was it could be used as a standard for anyone running such a test, but that's a specious assumption on my part— anyone might be better served using the actual soil that they have to deal with normally, mineralized or not... Thanks for the constructive criticism!
  9. Congrats on a beautiful last hunt! FWIW— Wife thinks the "open" ring is a Ear Cuff. She also thinks she recognizes the maker of big ring. She claims that they use synthetic opals. Didn't stop her from buying three of their rings... LOL
  10. Happy New Year. Rain and 43F in Raleigh, NC. Hope you get the Ag! Do silver earrings count? Found two different silver earrings at a park on Wednesday. Civil War bullet on Monday. Good end for the year in a hammered-out park. Stay Safe!
  11. This looks great! If you could I.D. check some very rusty crimp caps and rusty nails (those give a lot of us the fits). I'm curious what your numbers will do if you place your targets in (or under) a plastic shoe box filled with potting soil... I second the motion that kac made about the binaural (stereo?) audio. It may be feature creep, but it would greatly aid the brain to sort out at least *some* iron falsing...
  12. Always a pleasure to see your posts! I look forward to seeing your new discoveries.
  13. Some Tack to guide reins on larger teams? Wikipedia has a picture: "breastcollar harness and bridle". Googled breastcollar harness, and several pictures have rings to guide reins...
  14. No crying. Definitely some cussin', however. Like when a sweet Permission on Friday turns into a sour Revocation on Tuesday! Before I'd dug a single hole! Crazy lady. Charmed her into letting me at least dig my six target flags; got a 1946 Wheat and a Sterling ring! :-)
  15. Got a slightly larger version of that button in the yard of an abandoned house almost exactly a year ago. Good on you!
  16. Today was out in a park, shooting coins with a friend. (Between us, got three forties wheats, 1940 Jefferson, a Mercury, and a silver ring) Beauty weather for December: high fifties, sunny. Nice day. In the middle of it all, whilst I was rooting in a hole, my TRX pinpointer started playing a song! I thought it was telling me to change the battery. No, it was playing a weird little ditty. Neither my friend or I could recognize the tune. Anyone have any light to shed on this? I found a YouTube video from 6 six years ago, but I'm not even sure it was the same song... I wish I had thought to record the song with my phone, but I admit I failed to think fast enough. 😞 Oh, White's Electronics, you shall be missed!
  17. Neither the authorized repair place, Centreville Electronics in Virginia, nor Detech offered the slightest bit of assitance. No Part Numbers, no offers to repair, Nada... They both wanted to sell me a new coil. I'm kinda angry with both these operations right now, and will try to remember their callous attitudes in the future. Just put it in the mix for your future dealings. YMMV.
  18. Used to check that out a while back. Can't recall if ever signed up, or simply lurked for information...
  19. Wow. Interesting results! I admit I too would like to see how a Nox and a Deus would perform in this same test. [All of us old brokedy guys didn't REALLY want to see proof that we have to dig it all...] ;-p
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