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  1. My PayPal account was suspended indefinitely for buying a block of curly maple. Receipt stated "for gunstock" and they locked my account. It was for a gunstock. A recreation of a 1775 dueling pistol. They can cram the account. Got my kid too. Bought a holster for his EDC.
  2. Bought a couple of these years ago, mine went walkabout. Gave one to my dad, he's 86 now and uses it every day for his change... we're in CA... guess I'm gonna break the news to him. Can't afford to bail him out of jail!
  3. I could be wrong here, only had my 800 a couple weeks. But have read and watched everything I can find on the NOX. I believe the latest update to the series gave the 600 the multi back lighting option.
  4. Just Getting back into the hobby, and, I've never had headsets. Not that I wouldn't have worn them, but my kids were small and usually along, so I never even gave it a thought. Skip forward 20 years. I've got a new Nox 800, and, the manual says that the headset volume is independent of the machine, and then stops. Do you just adjust volume to comfortable? Or is there an advantage of running the nox full volume, adjust with headset? I may be overthinking this.
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