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  1. I’ll try the all metal mode tomorrow. I mainly use disc mode most the time just to cherry pick anyways. Out in the virgin ground we’re going to tomorrow is farmland, so I don’t care digging it all.
  2. Thanks a bunch. My brother has the Equinox now, and I’ve got the F75, so we’re going to some virgin ground tomorrow to hit it to see what we get. I’ll be sure to film it, and put it up on the YouTube channel.
  3. I’m also confused on the DST on/off. Some say one thing, and another person says something different. I’m going tomorrow to that major Civil War relic hunt, and I want the machine to be at its best for depth, and target separation. I had planned on going all metal, will that change the VDI numbers any or will they still stay the same, as say I know what a bullet rings at as, would it change anything on that end or stay the same?
  4. I do dig quite a bit, but I dig a lot of iffy signals. If I don’t hear a squeak in the grunt then or if it’s not repeatable I leave it. Being disc at 6 you think it would be low enough to cut out nails, small wire. Monotone would probably be best in this situation, and just go off the numbers, and whether it was repeatable and stable.
  5. I’ve never used all metal mode, so would the tones be set on disc mode? What in disc mode has to be set up for all metal? I guess if you were hunting for civil war relics in a field what settings on disc mode, and then switching over to all metal what would you do? I’ve always had awesome luck just with DE mode cause it’s still super deep, I understand the ferrous situation, because in some instances when detecting some other sites, some of the bullets I found rang in like a ferrous signal mixed with non-ferrous. It began to get annoying, because I was worried I was missing stuff. I usually ke
  6. Steve I plan on going civil war relic hunting this weekend in an area of a lot of action including cannon balls. I’ve read online how to put it in all metal mode, but step by step or whatever, would all metal be better than BP?
  7. I took it out today, and tried 9.0 and 9.1 with no difference in chatter or EMI. I was also in a rather trashy area. Turned sens down some, and it helped. One thing I do miss about the older F75’s was my last LTD was a little more quiet when it comes to ground minerals. I’ve checked connections at the coil, and box, and their both tight so I think it’s the trash, EMI, and mineralization.
  8. So in essence the 90-91 could be backwards? Or at least a possibility? I’ve never personally changed them so I don’t know yet, I do know the other day when I reset it all settings went to factory, and it was a lot quieter, but I also may have switched 90 to 91 without realizing it
  9. I really wish you would have gotten the new F75. They are much tamer than the one introduced in 07. I had that one new, and have owned every make, and model F75, along with minelabs, and every detector manufacturer out there excluding XP. The new one with DST, and other features would have been a killer machine. The thing is when you buy a lower model machine, you’ll always wander “am I missing anything”? Or “ should I have just ponied you the extra cash, and got the latest, and greatest of their lineup”?
  10. Been a moderator on several other forums, as well as a member, and glad to see there are other forums out there especially this one. Thanks for the great setup, and ease of access.
  11. I figured with the new change I was doing it right. I saw where to change DST on, and off. I’ve just left it on. Last time I reset it, the detector became a lot calmer, and more stable, but yesterday didn’t change much.
  12. I tried to factory reset my F75+, and all it did was show the numeric numbers, it never did show an F, but all the settings were set back to normal. I’ve yet to have it give an F. It shows, 9,19,15, then LE
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