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  1. Hello Joe, Sorry I thought you solved your problem. Can you give me your address, I will ask the after sales service to contact you ? Regards Alexandre
  2. I'm no more informed than you, I'm on vacation but I saw it on facebook https://www.facebook.com/myers.printing/posts/10226545879494119
  3. Hello Joe, Yes that is what I am trying to get for you, as the mechanical changes will take time. (fews weeks minimum)
  4. Hello, I am sending them an email on the subject now. Sorry I work from my laboratory in France. I am not there inside the factory. They said they were dealing with the situation, which was not done. The problem has been identified and will be resolved for the future. While waiting for a final resolution I will ask them to send you a new one lower rod unmodified. Alexandre
  5. Great finds! well done Thank you for your detailed report. Here are the purchase prices in Europe (net) With the currency conversion this is 1837 USD, it's not bad! In any case it is more than the price of the AQ limited and that just only one month!
  6. Yes there is an importer in Europe who takes care of this. It is he who will manage the exchanges and guarantees. It is located in eastern Europe.
  7. Thank you for you feedback We are ready with the Mechanical Team to understand and solve the problem. A lower rod will be sent to you in exchange, and we are studying the phenomenon. Tests are already carried out internally with high lateral pressure, we will continue in this direction to understand. I contacted the whole team when I saw the message today.
  8. The cable gland is in front because it is the technology inside that imposes it. (coil specifications) There will be less variation due to salt water during a swing.
  9. For information, I just spoke with Tom, and he confirmed to me he did not sell any IMPULSE AQ LIMITED detectors in Australia.
  10. I don't understand why you think it will never be published, even if the Earth stopped it would still be published, I haven't worked for the last fifteen years for nothing ... Many models will be created from this platform, with increasingly "high-end" and perform technologies.
  11. I forgot, adding clips to hold the searchcoil cable along the shaft. (new clips special Fisher)
  12. IMPULSE-AQ-NIMH, yes it's the limited version. And I speak about the difference between the limited and unlimited (worlwide version)
  13. If you have technical information to tell me, do not hesitate to send it to my address Alexandre@frsttx.com (for research and developpement) I would take them into account. I have already taken into account many remarks for the Worlwide series. Of course do not send me messages concerning the after sales service or the commercial service, I could not do much except forward the mail to info@fisherlab.com - Pulse Delay modified, 7us, 7.5us, 8us, 8.5us, 9us, 10us, 12us, 15us, 20us, 25us - Standard clamp replaced by a quick clam - Coil connector modified, elimination of the capacitive effect around the connector, new coaxial crimping - 8'' searchcoil - Headphone, the most powerful on the market on IMPULSE AQ audio frequencies - Removal of battery cables - Removal of the battery under the detector - Lithium battery inside the tube, 3500mAh x 4 PROTECTED PANASONIC/SANYO NCR18650GA - New sourriau type connector for the Heaphone (same as coil connector but with different pinout.) - Passage of the headphone cable along the rod with anti-tearing to exit under the armrest
  14. Yes this is the new clamp system. The ears system on the 12.5'' search coil is for me perfect, but it's an injection mold. The search coil 8'' was made with the vacuum forming method for reduce the costs, so it's not possible to apply the 12.5'' ear system. You can note that the ears have been partly hidden in the thickness of the search coil, this improves the water flow around the search coil, also this increases the stability in the water compared to the conventional search coils of competitors.
  15. I have taken your message into consideration, I will answer it a little later with a new subject
  16. You can't say yes it works or not it doesn't work for all PIs, it's very complex. It depends on many parameters of the PI detector, here is a small exhaustive list: - Number of PPS - Coil size - Pulse delay - Recovery speed (Internal integration) - Power (Eddy curent inside target When all the parameters are good, it becomes very easy to recognize them even at 95% of the maximum detection depth. For example with audio sampling that follows the 10,000 PPS of the coil, it even becomes easy to recognize the pulltab of the gold ring of the same conductivity. Those who have had a 14V SSV3 goldquest know it from experience but do not understand why. I just gave the answer in part in this same sentence. The impulse doesn't tick all the boxes, as it needs to be versatile on wet sand. In ALL METAL mode it validates 80% of the settings which allows it to recognize ferrous metals in all situations and at all depths. There will of course always be target exeptions. A later digital version will largely erase its faults.
  17. Because we want to guarantee waterproofness, and apart from the SOURIAU brand, I don't see any other serious diving connector on the market with physics parameters that perform! https://usa.souriau.com/en-en/products/connectors
  18. Platinum, palladium, rhodium, are very low conductors, they will always be accepted in tone mode. In tone mode, you have always a limit 24K < 10 grs 22K < 15 grs 18K < 30 grs It all depends on whether you overdo the rejection setting.
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