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  1. Then that explains it! Thank you! (No, there is no profile button) but yes, the sticker on the bottom of the shaft right next to where the grip mounts says “Equinox800” I guess that threw me off for some reason. I’m not disappointed at all, My biggest concern if it was an 800 was that someone else who paid for an 800 would wind up with my 600. Or that I somehow got a fake product. Thanks again everyone! I pulled a whole bag full of bullets, casings, an unfired cartridge, lots of can slaw, a hacksaw blade, some modern coins, a nail, and a couple strange aluminum discs out of my backyard today! All treasures! (Except the can slaw of course) -Larry
  2. I called Minelab US. They are closed till the 26th. I left a message. I’ll let you know what they say. -Larry
  3. Hello, brand new to the hobby, first post. So I ordered and received my 600 from Kellyco the other day. After using it for a bit I realized the backlight has many levels of adjustment. I turned it over and saw the “Equinox 800” sticker on the shaft. It does not have the gold mode or 20 & 40 kHz single frequency modes. So it’s like they ran of 600’s, and just grabbed an 800 and disabled the 800 features manually but left the multi backlight enabled. I haven’t checked any other 600/800 features. Has anyone else seen this? Thank you.
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