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  1. I recently ran across one of these fisher gold strike gold detectors not sure of the history of these other than fisher didnt makem for long whatever there reasons were it seems to perform very good depth and sensitivity wise, my buddy and I tested against his gold bug 2 and they seem very similar, it is a pain to adjust but it is what it is I have one and wondering if anyone knew if fisher made a coil other than the little 6" it came with that's avail or if any of the other model coils are compatible I'm trying to find a bigger coil for it. Thanx
  2. I dont doubt that at all I guess the mineralization where I swing mine all across the Mojave must not be as bad as where your mate used his. If it was I'd pro bably do the same thing, cheers.
  3. Dont be worried about using your vallon for gold I have a vallon vmh3cs and it goes deeper and see's smaller gold than my gp3500 or my garrett atx, I dont know about you or anyone else on here but when I'm prospecting I dig every target anyway so discrimination doesnt matter. I've tested these two machines set properly over and over against the vallon and they dont come close. The comments I read about having to use a detector specifically designed to find gold crack me up. I'm anxious to compare it too a gpx5000 to see how close the vallon is in depth.and sensitivity, I think maybe vallon is a name the big $$$ detector people are a little afraid of the vallon is also a hell of alot better built and swings better than any other detector out there as far as I'm concerned, garrett is decent in design and look good but they fall apart especially the shaft configuration is a joke.
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