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  1. i refind my old picture i take in 2016,when i try waterproof my tdi sl, i draw the diagram , if anyone check the diagram of your coil whites tdi 12" let me know if is the same of me, thanks
  2. hello , my wiring go out of my plug and i need a picture or resistance test for, pin out connector , one red with a shield and one clear wire with one shield, the connector have 5 pins but one pin have no seen wire one it, thanks Yves
  3. i send you email Gil, thanks for the I spoke with Reg many times about making changes to my TDI-SL We also exchanged many emails, I do still have them. He describes the changes and purpose and also included images of the circuit board and locations. Anyone interested can shoot me an email and I will forward. I can also copy them and post them here but would like to know if Reg is OK with it first. Gilbert gflores71@hotmail.com
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