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  1. Interesting. Thanx for posting. Ok, who's up for a road trip ? 🤪
  2. Our friend Dave got a keeper. A #4 small phoenix button. Type 1 style 1. Also two dropped pistol balls. Touching the Spanish/Mexican period of CA history. Nice going Dave !
  3. "Collected" ? As in not-dug ? If so, how many of those were found via metal detecting ?
  4. Utterly stunning ! You are touching the earliest history of your area. Congratz !
  5. I got three small PBs. #6, #8, and # 14 . All are common. But I'll take 'em. These little boogers are fun to find . I also got one of those bird-cage ball type ball buttons. But mine was crushed, and lacked the connector cross-bar. Leave it to Cal Cobra to rain on my parade, eh ? Fun Hunt Brian. Glad we could get out. Nice way to start the year. You skipped over clad, barbers, seateds, etc.... And went straight to touching the earliest era of CA history. Love the preview of signals/audio. The live reveals, etc.... Good job.
  6. Probably says "London Fine", "extra fine" or "Sure Fine" , or some such gilt button markings. I also got one of those bird-cage cuff-link buttons . But mine was crushed. And didn't have that little cross-bar cufflink connector. That mean old Brian always has to one-up me, eh ? Tsk tsk
  7. KS1652, zincoln is right : That lasted all of a few months. Perhaps all of a few dozen persons. And it post-dated the massive emigrant traffic (gold rush). So don't be fooled by its proximity to the east/west emigrant traffic. I don't think it had much traffic for travel-purposes (which is what you want if you're angling for coins). Don't be fooled by the term "town". That was a loose term in those days to just mean any cross-roads or wherever a few structures were thrown up. Not like in the sense of how we think of "town" or "village" today. Ie.: With laid out streets, etc... Also don't be fooled by the Paher mention of "2 hotels" : Back then anyone who let-out the rear bedroom of a shack, that was considered a "hotel". Not like we think of "hotel" in today's terms, with multiple rooms for set-aside purpose in a set-aside building, etc... My buddies and I passed by there, looked at the foundations, but elected to not even bother stopping. We were on our way elsewhere, that had actual traveler-purpose and longer-run-history. But seeing as how you're only a few hours from there : By all means, work the snot out of it. Even though it's no secret (and has no doubt been md'd before), yet .... ya never know. If you find anything worthwhile there, let us know.
  8. I never get tired of rim-fire shells (henries, etc...). When you're finding those, then the seated coins can't be far behind 🤪
  9. We see lots of each other's show & tell finds, but I always love to see landscape location hunt-site pix too. It puts the finds in context !
  10. ahh, ok. I always heard the "urban legend" to never have metal inside the microwave oven. I didn't know that metal inside a liquid is a different scenario. Very interesting. Thanx !
  11. Brian, I got to 8:40 in the video, and then yelled at my computer screen ! You had me in suspense for 2.5 days now, waiting for the reveal. Haha Congratz dude ! 3 PB's in a single hunt. If it were me, I'd work on it further to coax the # off of it. But I understand and respect if you want to leave it "good enough". Like Bodie: In an "arrested state of decay" haha Nice going !
  12. And: Tom slick means to "zap" the petri dish of hydrogen peroxide in the microwave to just-bring-it to a boil. Remove the petri dish from micro-wave, and drop the button in. He did not mean to put the button in to the microwave and turn on the microwave 🙂
  13. There is a nasty evil rumor afloat that Cal Cobra is not done with his show & tell post. 😬
  14. As far as Brian's Large #28 phoenix button, this turned out to be a real fun one. On his chart link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rX9XFCFw-SKRiUFZfdtzFg7GIjUwzoJJ/view His is the Type 1, Style 2, #28 large. Which , as you can see, is among the rarest. There is subtle differences in the phoenix bird's body and the crown. But the easier tell-tale is the flames beneath the bird. Note in red, the difference of the flames :
  15. Re. the type shank on Brian's silver button (which is same as on my flat plain button). According to this chart, they would be the type A shank. Which , as you can see, is 1700s. Nice !
  16. I got my b*tt kicked on this trek. I was using my Explorer, and accidentally broke off the rabbit ears off my 11" pro coil . Had to hike back to civilization, get my spare machine (Deus). Lo & behold my wireless headphones were not charged 😡 Fortunately I had wired cell-phone type earbuds. So I could use that (instead of external speaker). But it is awkward d/t I have to be careful with each dig not to put my knee into the breaking that. But even after an hour's delay in my start-time, I have to say that Brian was still "on-fire". And to his credit, he had chosen a hunt zone by research prior to this trek: Studying satellite images and realizing that there was some naked terra firma, hidden further back in the trees/brush. That wasn't far from prior producing zones. So he knew *right* where he wanted to go. And it paid off. I was impressed ! It's a new chapter in our evolving collection/story from this site. Here's my humble 4 buttons. And motley age indicators . The buttons, left to right are : a) ball bird-cage style cufflink button, b) flower design flat button, c) underwear button (so-called), and d) plain flat button. Also a pix of the junk. Not much. Not too punishing.
  17. Exactly. This is why I keep offering to autograph Brian's metal detector. I mean, gee , After all, it's not every day you get to have a legend autograph your detector. Right ? But for some reason, Brian keeps saying "no thank you" 🤨
  18. It's taken me 45 yrs. to find 3 LC's in CA. And you find 3 in a single day ?? Sick. Sick sick sick
  19. Wow . A cat ! I'm jealous. I've never found a cat before. How deep was it ? 😎
  20. Clay-D : Well I'm glad you've removed this "written" permission thing from at least "most states". I would venture to say ALL states. But .. oh well , you go on to say that : It's *still* a good idea to get it written. And you list horrors that could befall us otherwise. Eg.: ".. easily leave you floating on air again. ... " I am wondering why we wouldn't apply these same lists of worries to any other activity ? Eg.: If you invite your neighbor over for a BBQ. Everything you're saying could equally be said of that too. So I don't know why md'ing is in such a class, as if it's dangerous, harmful, abhorred, risky, and "at imminent risk of cops demanding your written permission". Why this starting premise ? I happen to think that our hobby is harmless, benign, safe, etc.... And to be honest with you, the average passerby could give 2 sh#ts about a man with a detector in a cow pasture. Why this fear that everyone rushes to card us ? As if anyone cares less ? On the contrary : Just like your neighbor who comes to your house to watch the super bowl, verbal is just fine. You say : ".... but that doesn't address the separate questions of digging ..." Well why stop there ? Let's include the words "alter" and "deface", plus "harvest" and "collect" and "remove", to automatically construe to apply to us too. Then I can save us all some time : Boiler plate verbiage like this exists on EVERY SPECK OF PUBLIC LAND across the USA. Yup, every school, beach, park, forest, desert, etc..... Yet oddly, there's no shortage of md'rs who detect all such places. And "dig" and "take" their targets (and no one cares less). Hundreds of show & tells daily on md'ing forums from such places. Right ? So what are we to make of this ? Are we all just law-less miscreants ? 🧐 Do NOT fall victim to the old : "No one cared UNTIL you asked" psychology 🥵 As far as treasure troves : Ok, sure : I have no doubt that if any of us stumbled on to a jar of gold coins in any city or county park, or any state or federal land, and then subsequently waltzed in asking desk-jockies : "Hi, can I have this ?", that : Yes ! You will find someone to tell you "no". OK, and the moral of this story is ...... ? 🤔
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