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  1. My take on it is that that little bushing is supposed to place tension directly on the clevis and thus rubber washer on the other side. It should hold the non-washer side away from the coil ear. It makes me wonder if possibly the coil bolt wasn't tight enough?
  2. I'd keep eye on it. Due to it having a 10mm hole for only a 6mm coil bolt there is going to be 4mm of travel. I think if you pull the shaft back away from the coil you can probably create a scenario with 1mm of clearance, but if you push it forward, like say if you were scrubbing the bottom a little, then it's going to move toward the coil and rub. To me there should be no possible way for the shaft to rub on the top of the coil. I think Anderson makes excellent products, and this lower rod is very high quality and robust, just not a good fit for these Deus coils. I did email them so hopefully they're looking at it, and if I'm out to lunch tell me, but I don't think I am.
  3. After about 50hrs use with the Anderson XP Deus Carbon Fiber Shaft I removed the coil and notice some wear from the clevis on the dished out portion of the top of the coil. A little concerning because these XPD2 coils aren’t cheap and I doubt warranty would cover damage from an aftermarket shaft. After taking some measurements the issue was pretty clear; The radius on the Anderson clevis is around 14 mm but the radius from the center line of the XPD2 coil bolt to the dished out portion of the top of the coil is only 13mm. The only reason the Anderson clevis fits is because the bolt hole is 10mm for only the 6mm Deus coil bolt. The stock D2 shaft only has a 6.1mm hole. While the 10mm hole it allows it to fit, it doesn’t hold the clevis off the top of coil. Is it possible I got sent the wrong lower shaft for the Deus II? I emailed Anderson at the start of the week but I’ve yet to receive a response. I didn’t particularly want modify my new shaft, however leaving it to wear on the top of the coil didn’t seem like a good option either, so here are the changes I made to correct the issue. 1. The washer retaining lip on the Anderson clevis was approximately 3.2mm thick so I carefully sanded off about 2mm of material along the area that was contacting the top of the coil. The stock XPD2 tensioning bushing is required to center the coil bolt but was interfering with the rubber washer. (The Anderson shaft uses rubber washers on both sides). I cut down the tensioning bushing so it was flush with the coil ear. That way it still centered the bolt but no longer interfered with the rubber washer. Even with some of the material removed from the Anderson clevis, the oversized 10mm hole would still allow the shaft to contact the top of the coil, so I used some ¼ ID / 3/8 OD tygon tubing to make a bushing for the 10mm hole. The coil bolt fits perfectly now, with no play. I may need to go to a harder material for this bushing but it seems pretty good, I’ll see how it wears. I put it all together and now have good clearance between the clevis and the top of the coil. The tension & movement feel much better now.
  4. Another nice band, congrats!
  5. If this is of use to anyone, I made an editable Excel spreadsheet to record and keep track of my saved program settings. If you do an update, any user saved programs get erased so I wanted to have them recorded. I had to zip it because you can’t attach an .xlsx file. It prints in landscape if you just want a hard copy. DEUS II USER PROGRAMS.zip
  6. Great report, thanks. That bonephone big iron response sure gets your attention, alright! 🤪
  7. It’s unfortunate that the coil LED is completely covered by the waveguide clip. I got tired of taking the waveguide off every time I charged the coil so I could see the coil LED to confirm it was charging. I drilled/filed a view hole in the waveguide housing, taking care not to damage the conductor. Geez, I didn’t think I did that much of a butcher job until I took the close up pictures, lol. I was worried about it filling up with sand but I’ve been out once and it’s clear so far.
  8. I agree pitch mode is a great beach option. I've been using square pitch in fresh water and I'm really liking it so far. Gold rings are what I'm after at the beach and their target ID's run the gamut so it doesn't bother me if the remote is submerged and I have no indication of conductivity. I dig all clean sounding targets which seem to be obvious in pitch mode. There's lots audio information there, I don't know what it all means yet. Some of my observations; Many junk targets have iron edges to them or maybe an overlaid iron tone, like our plated steel Canadian clad and bottle caps which I've been digging to see, but have now started leaving. The pitch & magnitude of the tone gives a great idea of the depth (and or size?) of target you're on. I think pitch mode combined with a higher audio response does a great job of bringing up and IDing deep targets with the lower pitched response. I find I have to take a couple scoops out on those deeps before I can tell if it's a clean target or iron edges or broken signal start to appear. I have been using a notch from the point of discrimination 08 to 25 which I'm not sure is a good idea or not? I'd certainly appreciate any opinions on that.
  9. Thank you for that timely info, Joe. I spoke to my friend and he doesn't think my order has shipped yet so I'll wait for these.
  10. I'm really liking the shaft, it's a good fit for me. With the waveguide inside the shaft I don't break it down. It fits in my minivan the way it is but I guess I could shorten it some if I had to.
  11. Those bonephones are loud! I went over some larger iron and that lower frequency scrambled my brain! The wave guide is just run under the hand grip, I couldn't run it inside the handle because there's an insert in there for fastening the remote mount.
  12. Most of my hunting is deeper freshwater wading in the waist to neck range that requires a wired, waterproof headphone option. I tried the bone conduction headphones but wasn’t a fan, so I borrowed a set of Gray Ghost Amphibians (for Garrett) from one of my Excals and made up an adapter cable. I’ve been out twice with then now, hunting mainly in Pitch/Square and I liked how they sound. I tested them with a sound meter app on my phone and they peaked at 85db at volume level 9 using a 6g 10K band. Probably not highly accurate, but ballpark. I also tried them in Pitch/PWM but the Square audio was more appealing to my ear. I’m liking them so I ordered the Deus its own set of Amphibian II’s (for Garrett), and I’ll clean up the wiring. It’s taken me a bit find my groove with this machine but now I’m really starting to enjoy it. Most of the time the remote is submerged but that doesn’t bother me, there seems to be plenty of audio to work with. I really like Pitch especially at the beaches that classify well. Using Pitch with an Audio Response of 4 or 5 seems to really identify the deeps well.
  13. I can't speak to a comparison because I never tried using the stock shaft much. I will say the the straight shaft has a great feel to it and zero wobble or flex. One thing I like is that is that I can rotate the remote mount 10 degrees or so, so it faces me more directly. I find that little bit of rotation makes the screen easier to see and a little easier for my thumb to press the buttons. It wasn't rotated in the original pictures so here's one to show it.
  14. Thanks, I couldn't figure out how to remove the Anderson shaft lock either, I suspect they are glued. I used a Dremel with a cutting wheel to cut it off the shaft using the back of the shaft lock for a guide. There was plenty of shaft length to spare. Steve's cam lock was a good fit on the Anderson upper shaft and the lower shaft is probably right at the minimum diameter for the cam lock.
  15. No, I drilled those holes. I ran it straight inside the lower shaft, then for the upper shaft I wound it tightly around a 1/2" rod so it took a set like a coiled headphone cable then fished that into the upper shaft. I didn't run it through the handle just under the foam grip.
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