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  1. Very nice finds , and your pics are splendid . I am curious did you use a camera or a smartphone to take them ?
  2. Bad luck , probably the coil lithium battery is faulty . Dont worry too much about this they will send you back a new coil or fix the issue . Personnaly I have never had a coil charging/battery issue since I use XP wireless detectors ; the D1 9" since 2013 , I have hundreds of hours with it , and now 40 hours with the D2 . You had a good idea to order a 9" coil btw , for me it is the best coil of the D2 coil set , ultra light and performing , I am sure you will enjoy it ...
  3. For me the D2 is a toolbox where you pick up what you like/need . Personally there are 2 things that decided me to change from my D1 to the D2 : the SQUARE audio that I prefer to the historical PWM D1 audio , and the additional depth due to the multifrequency . 2 ( very ) good reasons to change for me ... However I still have my D1 as a backup but I will probably sell it . On the other hand I agree the D1 is still an excellent detector especially in plowed fields. But in woods , forests or parks the D2 goes deeper I have no doubt on this ...
  4. 14K gold ring with diamonds ... Wow impressive ... Could you post a bigger pic of the gold ring Jeff ? it deserves it , thx a lot ...
  5. I have tested the Apex during 20 hours and I have never really figured it out 🙂 ... Either in clean or in iron trashed areas ... Garrett needs to redesign a totally new machine if they want to have a chance to survive in the VLF detecting world because the competition will not wait for them , either ML , Nokta , or XP ... Just my opinion
  6. Very nice finds and pictures . Yes difficult to beat the XPs in the iron trash this is their DNA .. What modes-settings were you using btw ? thx
  7. On the video the Legend works very well , the signals are clean I like them . The Orx is excellent too I am not surprised by this , I know this beast ...🙂 The Apex ... Humm ... A symphonic orchestra ... Difficult to understand this audio , I cant even imagine with a beginner ...🤢
  8. this detector didnt drive me crazy enough to stop detecting ... 🙂, I just sold it and bought a (much) better one ... Short but very good video , it shows that home testing is always interesting , thx ...
  9. This could be discussed as the Manticore coil set doesnt include a 9" sized coil , which is a very commonly used coil and which often comes as stock coil for many detectors . For me the Mcore 8X6 is too small , and the 11 is too big , I mean for my kind of coin/relic hunting in the European iron trash ... This was already an issue with the Equinox . I dont understand why ML repeates the same error with the Mcore ... This knowing that they already have the mold for a 10X8 , currently used for the Vanquish . Incomprehensible ....
  10. I use my WS6 as headphones alone . It is the simplest configuration as I have just to charge 2 devices , the coil and the WS6 . For me having to charge 3 devices is a little bit too much , and I dont need to change programs or settings in the field then I have no real need for the RC .. I have 30 hours with the WS6 up to now , I am sure you will enjoy it ... 🙂
  11. Yes XP uses a proprietary wireless since the Deus1 which was released in 2010 . I dont know the XP wireless latency but it is very low as it is not hearable , either for the D1 or for the D2 ... It is very reliable , I have never had a pb with the XP wireless after hundreds of hours with the D1 , and now with the D2 ... From my standpoint it is not important wether its proprietary or not , I just need something that works , and it is the case for the XP wireless ...
  12. It depends , sometimes I find roman coins on the surface ... And I still find new targets in fields where I have been detecting during 15 years ... Then for some reason some targets tend to move up to the surface . It would be a good topic for a master's thesis ...🙂
  13. I am not sure I have correctly understood the "ivy on the ground is a dead giveaway" sentence sorry ... Ivy is everywhere in the woods over here , it is not a pb except for finding small targets and a pinpointer is very useful ..
  14. I have around 30 hours with my D2 WS6 Master 9" coil, I have only hunted open fields with it up to now. However the fields are cultivated now in November then its time for woods hunting .. As I have almost never used my D2 in woods then it will be a good occasion to see how it works there . I have no real concern because fields are usually more difficult to detect than woods because they contain much more iron trash . Hundreds of bits of iron that have been spread by the farmers tractors . And I know that the D2 does the job very well in fields .. Today we decided with a cousin who has a Deus1 to go to little forest which belongs to the district . We start first with a path where I have already found several coins with other detectors , and I am curious to see if I can find new targets here .. With my trusty D2 settings : SENSITIVE , 5 tones , SQUARE .. 🙂 Actually there is a lot of iron trash in this path , but it is not a pb for the D2 and the SENSITIVE mode which filters the irons very well with very "crystal" clean and reactive signals on targets . After a few minutes I find a coin which is laying on the surface . A 5 centimes Napoleon III 1862 , a nice coin with a nice green patina , cool 🙂... I wonder how I have missed that coin with the other detectors ... Then we decide to move to an other area of the forest where there are 1st WW camps . We start with a few 1st WW bullets , casings ... Then I find an other coin , a modern and very common 5 centimes 1964 . I am a little surprised we should have found more 1st WW relics, and up to now nothing ... At this moment I have a clean high tone signal , it is a 1st WW button , 1st WW buttons are quite common , but this is a splendid "Infanterie de Marine" button , in a brand new state with a very nice brown patina 🙂... Wow what a button ... Thanks to my Quest pinpointer which has helped to find it in the ivy .. It is 5PM now , time to leave as the night is coming ... Happy to confirm that the D2 is an excellent machine for woods/forests too , and that SENSITIVE works very very well for both fields and woods , no need to change the settings .. A very nice outing btw , with beautiful Autumn colors ... We will be back ... 🙂 1) The path and my cousin with a Deus1 : 2) A first coin : 5 centimes Napoleon III 1862K 3) The 1st WW button "Infanterie de Marine" 4) The place where I found the button : 5) 2 coins and a button : 6) A better pic of the button :
  15. I would use a VLF detector too , like the XP Deus2 , using deep modes like DEEP HC or RELIC , with a 11 coil especially if your roman coins are big coins ... I have tested a GPX 4500 a few years ago it is unusable over here because of the iron trash density , unless your are looking from coins from a coin spill or an hoard in a very limited area ...
  16. I would have never invested in this kind of stuff . Too risky . And I dont trust people like Musk , Kardashian and a few others ... I am going off topic as its not a financial forum sorry ...
  17. No revolution , but a list of evolutions : My main detectors : - 1998 Tesoro Silver Sabre Micromax - 2002 ML Explorer XS - 2007 XP Goldmaxx - 2013 XP Deus1 - 2022 XP Deus2 Of course I have used-tested other detectors , but they were rather second machines , or for testing purposes ( Example : the ML Vanquish 540 )
  18. I have a D1 with a 9X6 elliptical , it is a very good coil for open fields hunting but dont expect much depth with such a small coil .. Now I always use my D2 9" coil which is more polyvalent and goes much deeper than my D1 9X6 on coin sized targets . I just keep this D1 9X6 as a backup now ... Of course it would be a different story for gold prospecting , but unfortunately there are no nuggets around here ... 🙂
  19. Thx F350 for the nice report and pics , I agree the 9" is the best compromise for coin/relic hunting : very light , accurate , deep and excellent in the iron trash . It is a must for the D2. I would say the 11" is more dedicated to woods and forests where the soil is cleaner . In a field you dont really max depth perfo as the targets are mostly shallow. Yes a second shaft is a very good investment . The XP stock shaft is ok , but there are better shafts on the market .. A few users of the forum use other brands shafts with their D2 .. The 11X13 I would never buy one , I dont understand why XP still proposes this coil , an heavy Deus is no more a Deus ... 🙂
  20. Hi cal_cobra , yes such Nuremberg tokens are quite frequent over here , they are made of thin copper and they date from the 16 to 17th century . I found 2 nuremberg tokens this summer . They are relatively common but I like to find them ... Here an example of a nuremberg token that can be found in France : ROUYER - X. JETONS DE NUREMBERG Jeton de compte au type du gold gulden n.d. fjt_515659 Jetons (cgb.fr) In the US I imagine that they are ( very ) rare artefacts , then congrats for your token ... 🙂
  21. You should get 28-30cm on a big coin with your D1 11" using a low freq like 4khz . However a D2 11" would be a better choice than the D1 for deep coins hunting because you dont need to manually change the freq with it , the SMF does it automatically .. Congrats for the gold ear ring btw, gold for me is only every 4 or 5 years ...
  22. Never had such an issue with mine btw. But I use a simple WS6 MASTER config with no RC and no MI6. And I dont switch back and forth between programs ... They probably have a few bugs to solve with the D2 as they had with the D1 when it was released...
  23. Looking fwd for your results with the 11" coil in this area. In theory you should find a few deep targets that the 9" has missed ... I am interested because I plan to buy a 11" coil too ... 🙂 thx ...
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