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  1. Yes I agree that we need to see the Deus2 field tests now ... Especially at the beach where XP is new on the market . From my standpoint I mainly use 2 detectors : 1) A Deus1 + HF coil in high iron trashed areas ( inland hunting ) 2) A Vanquish 540 + V10 or V12 coils for depth on big coins in clean soils ( inland hunting ) I like the Vanquish but it is too front heavy for me especially with the V12 coil . The Deus2 will be much lighter with probably similar ( and very good) depth perfos , and in addition there will be the Deus1 in the box for the irons ... Then at the end I can replace my Deus1 and Vanquish by a Deus2 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Deus2 = Deus1 + Vanquish540 ... To be confirmed in the field ...
  2. The positive attitude : your 3 current machines : Excal , CTX and Nox can now been replaced by a single one , the Deus2 . "Pourquoi faire compliqué alors qu'on peut faire simple" ... 🀣 🀣
  3. Vanquish - lower shaft : polymer - mid shaft : aluminium - control box + handle = plastic - rear shaft : aluminium - arm rest : plastic
  4. I just watched the video. Excellent and professional . It is confirmed that a Deus2 "lite" version will be available , called Deus2 WS6 Master. Look at the end of the video at 8:20 . I dont know why they didnt simply called it Deus2 Lite btw ... I could be interested by this version as it will be cheaper than the full version as I dont really need the control box for my kind of hunting ...
  5. I have just read the manual , I am very impressed by the documentation quality and the Deus2 features . Very professional
  6. Not ahead of the game in terms of lightness . A Rutus Atrex weights 1,6kg from what I have read in this forum . This is more than twice a Deus ( 750/800g with the CB in the pocket ). More than an Apex at 1.2kg. It is a pity because I like the Atrex audio even I ve never used one . If they want to sell more detectors they should pay attention to this ergonomy aspect and lighten their machines .
  7. My little 2 cents too .. πŸ™‚ As usual , only intensive field tests done by experienced users will provide answers to many of users questions . MD companies marketers and electronics engineers have their limit and cannot answer to everything and only field tests tell ( most of πŸ™‚) the truth from a user standpoint.... (Not saying that marketers dont tell the truth btw πŸ™‚ ) By intensive test I mean at least 30/40 hours per detector and probably much more because the new detectors like the NM Legend have several detecting abilities ; inland but also gold and beach prospecting which are very different and require different testing in different areas/locations . As the new machines ( nokta legend , xp deus2 ) will probably not be available before the beginning of next year , then we will need to wait a few weeks before the first field tests results ... Probably in Spring 2022
  8. Yes it looks like they have a bright economist at the head of Turkey with Erdogan ... πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ... Oops am going off topic .. πŸ™‚ ✌️
  9. Nice job , and I am sure you will see the difference in the field .... I will try that thx
  10. I am 6' and I would prefer one more inch on the cuff too ... I plan to make an home made rod so that I have exactly what I need/want ...
  11. Good news ... At least the Deus2 will not be tested by a newbie .... πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Looking fwd for the reports thx βœŒοΈπŸ‘...
  12. The Equinox has weaknesses but on the other hand ML has an excellent after service ( at least in France ). I had 2 failures with my Equinox , first a ML80 headphones button broken , and a few months later a CB side button broken . Both the ML80 and the CB have been replaced with brand new ones by ML without any discussion ...
  13. Yes the same for me , I do not like the T2 power knob side location . Side buttons are not for me ..πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I have even broken an Equinox CB side button and had to send it to the after service . Hopefully ML have a serious after service and they sent me a brand new pod ✌️ πŸ‘
  14. Not for me anyway , I have used a goldmaxx for several years between 2007 and 2013 , and a Deus since 2013 to now . I could never come back to a Goldmaxx any more now , even with the box mounted under the elbow , or even hipmounted ... A goldmaxx weights 1,5kg and the CB 580g if I remember well. Btw I had during these 5 years mostly used the goldmaxx hipmounted ,with only the coil mounted on the shaft and a cable between the shaft and my belt . It was ok for field hunting , but very annoying and even dangerous in woods where the coil cable hangs on the branches . So when the Deus came it was exactly what I was looking for , a goldmaxx without cables .. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚. Cumfortable to use detectors adresses a big market ; young people , women , older guys like me πŸ™‚ ... If the wireless XPs were weighing 1,5kg I am not sure that the XP company would still exists ... Concerning the T2 , I have used it during a few weeks for a testing session and I am a big fan of its audio, I prefer the T2 audio to the Deus actually .... I never understood why Teknetics had never updated this excellent machine with a modern thin CB design using a lithium battery , a telescopic shaft etc ... It would probably have been a best seller ... sounds like a mystery for me
  15. An update to my prev post , the Simplex+ control box weights exactly 376g ( and not 300 ), see pic below . I suggest a very easy and interesting experience, sweep the Simplex : 1) with the CB on the shaft 2) without the CB ( the Simplex CB is easy to remove from the shaft , a screw on the handle ) . You will immediately see/feel a ( big ) difference ... This helps to understand why the wireless XPs are so cumfortable to use ...
  16. I use the S telescopic Lite shaft , no adjustment at all for me ... πŸ€” Canne S TELESCOPIC Lite | XP METAL DETECTORS
  17. The reason is simple , this is because of the control box . A Simplex control box weights around 300g and even if it is not at the bottom end of the detector , it is 300g more to sweep for the shoulder vs a Deus with the CB in the pocket ... The same with the Equinox , its pod ( handle+ CB ) weights 430g . The same with a Vanquish , pod + handle 400g , etc ... Btw the Deus CB is very light ( 150g if I remember well ) , then it is still cumfortable to use even with the CB on the shaft .
  18. Agree the Deus armcuff is too close from the hangrip especially for tall persons ( like me ) . I will tell this asap to my dealers in France so that they inform the XP guys ...
  19. The 9" Deus2 coil weights around 350g without CC . It is a very light coil then not much pressure to keep the nose up . May be different with the 11" which is a little heavier at around 400g without CC. Weights to be confirmed as the Deus2 is not yet released to customers . An 11" Eq coil weights 420g, a Vanquish V12 12X10 440g and a 11" Simplex 480g.
  20. The current Equinox pricings in France : - Eq 800 : 999euros - Eq 600 incl ML80 wireless headphones : 728euros Then the Legend ( 749euros ) and Eq600 pricings are almost the same over here .. https://www.lefouilleur.fr/fr/77-detecteurs-minelab
  21. I fully agree with that , Legend looks like a nox clone , except for the telescopic shaft . Then I am on the Deus2 too , as I have been using XP detectors since a few years now πŸ™‚ and always happy with them , starting with the Goldmaxx in 2007 πŸ‘ ... This even I would have preferred a Lite version instead of the "full" version because I dont really need the Deus2 control box...
  22. And not also vs the Equinox 600/800 ? πŸ™‚ The Eq 600/800 are probably still good performers vs the Legend or the Deus2...
  23. Nothing really new in terms of mechanical ergonomics , the Legend will probably weight around 1,3kg 1,4kg , which is similar to the Equinox , and the Deus2 is much lighter: 800g ( CB in the pocket ) .. However its low price 635$ is for sure interesting ... Looking forward for the field tests ...
  24. I agree but an Equinox and a Deus/Orx are quite different , experienced users have often several machines , for example : - an Eq800 or a Vanquish for the depth in clean soils - a Deus1 or Orx for separation in the iron trash + lightness, BTW the Deus2 could meet all the requirements , separation in iron trash AND depth in clean soils... πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ As long as you have the money for it πŸ™‚ To be confirmed by field tests however ... Anyway the best thing for you would be to try each of 3 above detectors before buying one , but it is not always easy to do ...
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